Cherry Cordial Black Tea from 52Teas

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Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  52Teas

Product Information:

Ingredients:  Premium black teas, organic cacao nibs, freeze-dried cherries, natural flavors.

This tea is available as part of the Box of Chocolates sampler.

Taster’s Review:

There was a time when chocolate covered cherries were my favorite confection.  I used to actually crave them!  It’s been a while since that time, and I’ve discovered new favorites.  However, as I sip this tea, I find myself with that old craving!

This tea tastes very reminiscent of a really good cherry cordial.  I can taste hints of the sweet liqueur center – creamy and just a little sweet, with just a hint of brandy.  The chocolate tastes exquisitely rich:  dark, delicious chocolate!  YUM!

The cherry tastes sweet and just a little tangy.  As I continue to sip, I notice the tartness of the cherry develops a bit, but it doesn’t really become sour.  I like the way the cherry flavor develops here, because with the typical chocolate covered cherry, the flavor becomes too cloying before the flavors of the cherry have much chance to develop.

This is like a chocolate covered cherry – reinvented!

And what makes this even better than the confection is the black tea!  The black tea base works really well with this blend, it tastes bold and even a little malty, and I’m not getting much bitterness from the cup.  It is a very well-rounded cup of tea.

Even though I’ve only tried two of the six new teas in the Box of Chocolates sampler, this one is my favorite of the two I’ve tried.  It’s not only reignited my love for cherry cordials, but, refined it … I don’t think I could settle for an ordinary cherry cordial after trying this amazing tea!

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