Organic Toffee Apple from The Rabbit Hole

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Oolong

Where to Buy:  The Rabbit Hole

Tea Description:

Transport yourself back to the days when an apple on a stick, smothered in toffee was nothing to be ashamed of. Here’s a tea to remind you of times when visits to the Dentist weren’t so expensive.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

I was really excited to try this tea.  The dry leaf smells incredible – it really smells just like the toffee apple cart at the carnival!  YUM!

At first, the flavor was a bit ambiguous, I could taste hints of Oolong and hints of apple and a sweetness that might be toffee-like, but, it wasn’t really coming together for me the way I thought it should.  Mostly it just tasted like a sweet, warm liquid with a creamy mouthfeel.

It took a couple of sips before the flavors began to come into focus, and after about the third or fourth sip, I could really taste the toffee apple flavor as well as the Oolong notes.  And then, suddenly, my eyes seemed to pop open and I exclaimed (out loud, even):

WOW!  This is really good.

It’s a good thing that no body was around at the time, as I’m often given a good jesting for my enthusiasm for tea, and I know that if someone were around to hear my exclamation, I wouldn’t hear the end of it.

The flavors all seem to get along well here.  The sip starts with hints of flavor from the Oolong – buttery and smooth, with floral tones and even a soft vegetal note.  A light touch of spice – like warm cinnamon – approaches the palate next, followed immediately by the apple notes.  Just before the finish I notice the toffee flavors come through, tasting very much like that sticky candied coating of a candied apple.  There is very little astringency, making for a smooth taste from start to finish, followed by an aftertaste with its distinct apple-y flav0r and a kiss of autumnal spice.

This is one seriously tasty apple tea.  All that’s missing is a Ferris wheel – because this tea is like a carnival in a teacup!

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