French Canadian Maple Tea from Tealicious Tea Company

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Tealicious Tea Company

Tea Description:

Our French Canadian Maple Black Tea is a classic blend of Ceylon and maple flavor resulting in a premium taste.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

This tea had me with the very first sip.  It is SO incredibly yummy.

The maple flavoring is perfect – it is sweet and a strong flavor but, I can also taste the black tea.  It is a Ceylon black tea, so it is fairly mellow.  With the addition of the maple flavoring what might otherwise be considered a medium-bodied tea becomes a rich, full-bodied tea.

That being said, this isn’t what I’d call an energizing type of tea.  Instead, it is a cozy, comforting cup… a very pleasant tasting tea, it isn’t overly invigorating so it isn’t exactly the kind of tea you’d want to drink on the mornings when you need to get up and go.

Instead, I’d recommend this tea for the days you want to linger and curl up with a deliciously cozy cup of tea.  Perfect for weekend mornings when you can take your time and savor this delicious maple flavor: It has that classic maple flavor that reminds me of maple sugar candy!  There are complex nutty tones (chestnuts!) and a gentle warm spice note in the distance.  YUM!

This is sweet without additions, but if you want something sweeter – a little bit of turbinado sugar will turn this into a delicious dessert-y treat in no time.  This tea would also make a fantastic latte – just brew it a little stronger by adding a little extra leaf, and then add steamed, frothed milk to the brewed cup:  it’s a creamy and indulgent way to satisfy your sweet tooth.  Of course, if you want to amplify the maple flavor, you can also sweeten it with a drizzle of maple syrup.

As for me, I love this straight up – nothing added.  It has an enjoyable sweetness to it that makes my sweet tooth happy without me needing to add calories to the cup.  While this would be tasty as an iced tea, I prefer it hot, because the flavors have a very autumnal taste to them, and hot tea really plays to that cozy autumn-ness of the tea.

This is my first tea that I’ve sampled from this company, and I’m thrilled with it.  I can definitely see a Tealicious Tea Company order in my future!

2 thoughts on “French Canadian Maple Tea from Tealicious Tea Company

  1. I did a double-take (and nearly tripped over myself sitting down) when I saw this title on the front page of

    Tealicious has always been my secret little company. I’ve posted about it on Steepster a few times, but it isn’t really large enough to garner much interest (certainly not as much as other Canadian tea companies), I suppose.

    They used to have two storefronts (never went to the other one, sadly, and didn’t know it existed until they shut down), and I used to walk to their tiny little teahouse (there’s a side-street of shops built mostly into old houses); it was very quaint and British. Didn’t see a lot of business while I was there, and I never stayed for a pot (reservation recommended), but I’d chat with Nancy and buy a few bags of tea. They had a rewards program kept behind the desk for frequent buyers.

    Sadly she closed down while I was working Up North. Never completed my rewards card… She’d also occasionally give me samples, since she knew I was on Steepster.

    I miss the place a lot, since I love supporting small tea companies (especially ones that don’t retail the same old wholesalers, and this place was QUITE different), and this was definitely my favourite. It was within walking distance of me, and very lovely. I’m down to the last teaspoon of the last tea I ever purchased there before they went under. I love their teas.

    I’ve thought about ordering from their website (the site went down for a while after the physical storefronts did, but later came back up, redesigned), but I’ll definitely miss the fun of walking there on a nice day.

    And yes, their French Canadian Maple was one of my FAVOURITES.

  2. That was great to hear more about this company @supermoon10 – I confess I didn’t know about their brick and mortar stores, only their online one. It sounds like it was a nice place to visit, pity the shops had to go.

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