Organic Coconut Creme Black Tea from Zen Tara Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Zen Tara Tea

Tea Description:

Let this tea take you to your personal tropical beach with an island blend of coconut and vanilla accented black tea. This surprising organic blend of tropical coconut pieces, natural flavors and black tea from India adds a gourmet twist to your morning tea routine and makes an exceptional iced tea. The aroma is intoxicating but not to worry, the taste isn’t overly sweet or flavored too strong. Our Coconut Cream tea also makes a wonderful no calorie dessert tea after a meal.

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Taster’s Review:

I love coconut, so this tea seemed like a no-brainer for me.  I was pretty certain it’d be a tea that I’d enjoy.

And I do.  The black tea base is an organic Nilgiri tea instead of the standard Ceylon base, and what a difference it makes.  The black tea is strong with hints of malt which accent the coconut and creamy vanilla tones very well.  It is a rich, solid black tea, one that not only supports the flavors of coconut and vanilla very well but also one that would make an excellent tea for that all important first tea of the day with a boldness that would invigorate me even on those mornings when I’d rather crawl back into bed.

The coconut tastes sweet and creamy.  It even has that sort of “slickness” from the coconut.  The vanilla enhances that creaminess.  Yes, this tea is sweet, but, I think that the flavors have been skillfully blended to avoid a cloyingly sweet taste.

Overall, I find that this is a very smooth and delicious tea that has a very agreeable balance between bold black tea and creamy coconut.  Very well done, Zen Tara Tea!

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