“Snow Dragon” Supreme Yunnan Pure Bud Green Tea from JAS eTea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Jas eTea

Tea Description:

“Snow Dragon” is made entirely from small bud shoots picked in a 3 day window of time when they are just the right size. They are meticulously hand-processed into these tight little curls. When brewed they will open slowly as they dance in the water. The brewed tea is almost totally transparent with a light fruity flavor akin to White tea.

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Taster’s Review:

This is such a cool looking tea:  the leaves are curled into spirals, and they “dance” while they’re brewing.  If you have a glass gaiwan or teacup, I recommend using it to steep this tea so that you can watch them dance!

The dry leaf has a very faint aroma that is vaguely vegetative – reminding me of the smell of the air in the morning after it’s rained all night:  clean and fresh and somewhat grassy.  The brewed tea smells a little stronger, like freshly steamed green beans.  The color of the infused tea is a very pale color – looking much more like a white tea than a green tea.

The flavor is much less vegetal than the fragrance would suggest.  Yes, there are some slightly grassy notes in there, but primarily what I’m tasting is a lovely sweetness.  It’s a very pure kind of sweetness, it doesn’t really taste like honey or caramel or any of those other comparative terms that I use to describe a sweet flavor.  This tastes so natural and clean – like fresh dew or mountain air.  This reminds me – again – of a white tea, and not so much of a green tea.

There are the faintest nutty tones in the background that also contribute to this sweetness, or perhaps they are highlighted by it.  Either way they work in a synergistic fashion to bring out the best of each.

After the first couple of sips, the sweetness shifts focus to a more fruit-like flavor – apricot?  There is a mild astringency to this tea, and the finish is sweet, with a sweet grass aftertaste.  It is in this aftertaste that I begin to recognize the green of this tea.

I love how this tea reveals itself in stages, showing first its dewy qualities, and then slowly giving me a little more flavor with the nutty tones.  Sometime afterward, the fruit tones arrive.  This tea keeps me guessing while giving me new flavors to explore.

What a memorable tea this is!

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