PRODUCT REVIEW: Cardamom Chai Tea Mix from Jaipur Avenue

Product Information:

Product:  black tea – instant spiced chai mix

Where to Buy:  Jaipur Avenue

Product Description:

A retreat into green/woodsy undertones, refreshing aromas and natural sweetness.

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Taster’s Review:


In some chai blends, I have a difficult time discerning the cardamom because of the stronger flavors of cinnamon and ginger.  Yes, cardamom on its own can be a strong spice, but when united with cinnamon and ginger, these two warmer spices can be very aggressive and often overpower some of the subtle complexities of the cardamom.

I’m loving that this chai mix focuses on the cardamom!

With this chai mix, I can taste the light citrus-y tone of the cardamom, and that sun-kissed fruit note gives this chai a brightness that I seldom experience with a spiced chai.  This citrus-y flavor weaves its way throughout the sip, and is most prominent in the aftertaste where I can taste a light, orange-y kind of flavor.  This tastes lighter and more refreshing while still maintaining that warm spiciness that I love about chai.

I can taste the other spice flavors:  most notably, I can taste notes of ginger and cinnamon.  But these spices that often dominate a chai have taken a back seat with this chai, allowing the cardamom to drive for a change.  The black tea is also there, peaking its way through every now and then.  This chai mix also has the latte already mixed in – giving it a smooth, rich, creamy flavor that is absolutely luxurious.

This chai mix has been sweetened, and while this is a little sweeter than I would have made for myself, my sweet tooth doesn’t seem to mind.

I’ve really enjoyed this … my only complaint?  It’s all gone now, and I want more!

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