Tropical Island Black Tea from Kally Tea

Tea Type: Black Tea

Where To Buy: Kally Tea

Product Description:

“Arrrgh, Hoist the main sails matey.” We are off on a sailing ship in the Caribbean. Pirates abound, treasure hunting, we land on a secluded shore, and notice the varied fruits and flowers on the islands. A thought hits us… let’s combine these tropical fruits with some tea in the hold! As the rum is ignored for the much more exciting and healthy tea blend of freeze dried pear, blackberry, lime leaves, sour sap fruit flavorings, the pirates are calmed and life is good. Let’s sneak off with the new found “treasure”… Arrrgh!

Ingredients: Black Tea, Freeze Dried Pear, Blackberry & Lime Leaves, Natural Flavors.

Tasters Review:

Some people think that it’s strange that I have a Word or Taste Association with some teas.  Well, this is one of those teas.  Here’s why…

When I was little I was in Girl Scouts and each summer we would go to Girl Scout Camp.  During Girl Scout Camp one of the many highlights of the day for me was Arts and Crafts Time.  We did many “Make & Takes” but the class was outside near a tree line and wooded area.  This flavored black takes me back…and it’s all to do with the aroma.  I remember – to this day – how that nook of the woods smelled!  The aroma was very unique and memorable – much like this tea.  I remember smelling sweet wood and blackberries.  On the other side of the Craft area where the tables were set-up was the kitchen.  I remember them making HUGE tubs of “bug juice”.  When I was in Girl Scout Camp – “Bug Juice” was basically Kool-Aid or some form of juice.  No…it didn’t actually have Bugs in it! LOL  Anyhow… our Bug Juice was usually a flavored Kool-Aid, Lemon or Lime Aid, or GatorAid.  The most memorable one, for me, was the LimeAid.  Pair the Lime with the Blackberries, sweet-wood, and other fresh fruits from the kitchen – this flavor and aroma combo was what took me back with this tea!

I have fond memories of Girl Scout Camp because it was near my hometown…shortly after that last summer we moved…and I  missed camp for years to come.  This aroma reminds me not only of those good times, the wonderful outdoors and nature, but the aroma of the woods and surrounding smells of camp from my childhood.  So there is just a little back story for ya.  Maybe I am partial…because I have these fond memories or this Word/Tea Association from my past – but I DO like this tea!  It’s greatly flavored!  I can primarily taste the blackberries and lime but the floral and sweet wood flavors play in the background along with the pear.

This is great hot or cold.

Kally Tea is really wonderful!  I have to point out how much I am LOVING their website!  It’s user-friendly and the colors and layout are very pleasing to the eye.  That could be the web design (of past) in me, too!  Not only is this a memorable tea but their website is just as memorable because of the eye-catching colors and feel.  Their customer service is wonderful, too!

If you haven’t checked out this company yet – please do so!  They are top-notch!


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