Orange Spice Tulsi from Fusion Teas

Tisane Information:

Leaf Type:  Tulsi & Rooibos

Where to Buy:  Fusion Teas

Tisane Description:

A wonderful soothing cup to end a stressful day. The tulsi base calms the stress and has many health benefits that the traditional black tea version does not have. Naturally caffeine free this is especially beneficial as an evening drink.

Taster’s Review:

Normally, I wouldn’t consider a spiced tea to be a “soothing” cup with which to de-stress.  But, this truly is a wonderful and soothing cup, just as the description suggests.

The flavors are very calm and gentle.  Even the spice notes have their own sense of calmness to them.  This is the kind of tisane you want to curl up to on a chilly autumn or winter evening … and it would be especially nice to have on hand when one is feeling under the weather as I am finding it to be quite soothing to my throat.  I’m not sick, but I am experiencing my allergies which begin in the late winter/early spring, and they begin with an itchy throat – and I’m finding this to have comforting effect.

Typically, with these orange spice teas/tisanes, they are very heavy on the cinnamon.  So, I was surprised (pleasantly so) when the cinnamon was more subtle here, allowing the flavors of the other spices to come through.  That is not to say that the cinnamon is not well-pronounced because it is; it just is not the main event.  It doesn’t overpower the rest of the spices. Instead, it offers a pleasing warmth that is neither too spicy nor too bland.  I like that I can taste each of these spices, as well as a hint of mint from the Tulsi.

The rooibos has a warm, nutty flavor to it.  Lightly fruity, it accents the flavor of the orange very nicely.  The orange is sweet yet tangy, and I can taste an ever-so-slight apple-y note here as well which serves as more of a sweetness in the distance than anything else.

Overall, this tisane has a mild, delicious flavor that kids as well as adults can enjoy.  This is one that I do recommend keeping on hand for when the family has the sniffles – it will bring soothing relief to the aching throats … and it’s much tastier than a cough drop!

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