Honey Nut Biscotti from Kally Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Kally Tea

Tea Description:

Ciao a tutti! Here is a treat that tickles the senses. Taste the authentic Italian baked biscotti, with hand roasted pistachios, and a little honey flakes adding a touch of sweetness, all blended into a mix of rich Indian and Ceylon black teas. Baked goods! Oh Mama Mia! What can be better while sitting in your own café?

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

This tea smells so good.  It smells like freshly baked cookies!

It has a taste that reminds me of freshly baked cookies as well.  Sweet with a delicious nutty flavor, and even a hint of that rich, bread-y taste that makes me think of home made cookies.

The black tea is a flavorful blend of black teas.  The description suggests that it is a blend of Ceylon and Indian teas, which leads me to automatically think Assam.  And there is a certain malty tone in the background that also suggests that there is Assam in the blend.  However, I find that it is a bit lighter than a typical Assam, so if there is Assam in this blend, it hasn’t been added with a heavy hand.  I’m kind of torn with that, as I think that some more Assam would enhance the richness of the cup, but, I really like the way it tastes now.

The nutty flavor is well pronounced with the presence of both pistachio and almond, but, I am finding the honey to be a stronger flavor.  I can also taste the coconut which gives the cup a sweet, creamy flavor and ties the “baked goods” flavor together quite well.

There is also an intriguing floral tone in the background that I did not expect to find.  I like it.  And after reading a bit more about this tea, I see that chrysanthemum is one of the in ingredients … which explains that floral note I’m tasting!  I like the way the chrysanthemum enhances not only the honey notes, but also adds depth to the nutty tones.

I like that I am not having to search for flavors here, that they present themselves in a very enjoyable way.  This represents the first tea from Kally Tea that I’ve tried, and it’s a good one.  I look forward to trying more from them.

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