Jasmine Golden Yunnan from thepuriTea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  thepuriTea

Tea Description:

Our Jasmine Yunnan Buds black tea combines the sweet, chocolaty flavor of our Golden Yunnan with the delicately peppery, floral notes of our Jasmine Silver Needle. It’s made from the fully oxidized buds (or “tips”) of the tea plant, and then aromatized and blended with fragrant jasmine petals. When dry, the tippy, golden buds smell of rich dark chocolate, while the tiny, pale jasmine petals are seductively aromatic and pungent. The deep umber brew has an aroma that’s chocolaty, lightly peppery and topped with fleeting jasmine notes. The sophisticated, mellow flavor of jasmine melds seamlessly with the flavors of chocolate and pepper inherent to Yunnan black tea, making this a fantastic alternative for jasmine lovers and a great choice for fans of flavored black teas. Jasmine Yunnan Golden Bud’s aftertaste is lightly astringent, and later infusions retain the rich flavor of Yunnan black tea. For a special treat, pair this elegant blend with brunch foods, anything with dark chocolate, or coconut macaroons.

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Taster’s Review:

I do love jasmine teas, but, most jasmine teas tend to be green teas with white jasmine teas becoming increasingly more popular.  But, I don’t often see a jasmine scented black tea.

So, it was quite a find when I discovered this Jasmine Golden Yunnan from thepuriTea!

This tea brings together the amazing complexity of a high quality Golden Yunnan and the exotic floral qualities of jasmine in such a pleasing way.  The sweet floral notes seem to bring out the Yunnan’s natural spice tones, highlighting them in a way that I probably wouldn’t experience without the jasmine’s presence.

On Steepster, I referred to this tea as an example of synergy, because I really love the way the two elements – Golden Yunnan and Jasmine – work together to achieve this delicious, full-flavored tea with its beautifully sweet floral notes.  I also mentioned on Steepster that this may be my new favorite Jasmine.  I don’t know if I’m quite there – yet – but, it is definitely giving Jasmine Silver Needles a run for their money!

This is truly a fantastic tea, and it stands up nicely to a second infusion.  The second infusion is smoother, and I notice the flavors of the Yunnan popping out a bit more, with the jasmine notes becoming more of a soft, background note … still very noticeable, but not quite as center-stage as it was in the first infusion.

I am definitely going to have to get more of this tea!

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