Organic Lavender Earl Grey from Tea Cozy

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Tea Cozy

About Tea Cozy:

At this one of a kind shop you will find fine quality loose-leaf teas by the ounce such as: rare white teas;exotic greens and oolongs; and flavorful black teas from all over the world. There are even a few herbal varieties. Or for those looking for their favorite brands, you’ll find: PG Tips, Barry’s Teas; Taylor’s of Harrogate; Mighty Leaf Tea; Harney & Sons.

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Taster’s Review:

I received this tea as part of a gift package from a tea friend not long ago, (Don’t you just love friends who give the gift of tea?) and after perusing the Tea Cozy website, I have to say that she selected very well, as this is probably a tea I would have chosen for myself.  I love Earl Grey, and I love lavender … what could be more perfect than a combination of the two?

This is a lovely Lavender Earl Grey.  The black tea is a mild-tasting tea.  It rests in the background, very unassuming, providing a very smooth base for the flavors of bergamot and lavender to express themselves.  And express themselves, they do!

The bergamot has that characteristic tangy citrus-y flavor, although some of the usual sharpness that one might expect from bergamot has been softened somewhat by the presence of the lavender.  The lavender offers a sweet, floral note that not only mellows the sharper tones of the bergamot, but also highlights some of its own floral notes, giving this cup an overall feminine quality.

I think that this tea is best served hot with little or no sweetener, as I find that the lavender has it’s own subtle sweetness that is quite nice.  A very lovely afternoon tea, thank you, Patricia!

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