Snow Buds from Radiance Tea House

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Radiance Tea House

Tea Description:

Like a symphony to the senses, you will discover an ensemble of fragrances that will delight the palette.

Taster’s Review:

This tea – the third and final tea from my March “Perfect Pairs” Steepster Select Box – is full of surprises!

Before opening the pouch, the name of the tea suggests to me that it is a white tea.  “Snow Buds” sounds like a white tea, doesn’t it?  And when I opened the pouch, I was greeted with large, pale green leaves covered in fluffy silver fuzz that gave it the appearance of a very high quality Bai Mu Dan.

The dry leaf aroma is fruity, reminiscent of fresh peaches, a scent I did not expect.  My mouth actually began to water, it smelled so delicious.

The brewed tea is very pale, and again, it appears to be more like a white tea than a green tea.  But the truth is in the flavor.  And while it doesn’t taste as “green” as some other green teas that I’ve tried, for it lacks much of that grassy/vegetal flavor that green teas possess, it tastes more like a green tea to me than it does a white.  Then again, it does have some similarities to a white tea, too.

The flavor is delicate, but not as delicate as a white tea.  It has a creaminess to it, and it is remarkably sweet, reminiscent of rock sugar candy.  The fruity tones are there too, with background notes of peach and possibly a hint of apricot.  It is very smooth and has a broth-y kind of mouthfeel.  There is virtually no astringency to this cup, only smooth, rich flavor.

Really, they can call it what they like.  Green tea or white tea, this tea is fantastic.  I am really glad that this was part of the Steepster Select box, and that I had this opportunity to try it.  It is SO good!

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