PRODUCT REVIEW: Saffron Chai Tea Mix from Jaipur Avenue

Product Information:

Product:  black tea – instant chai tea mix

Where to Buy:  Jaipur Avenue

Product Description:

An escapade into sensuous notes, floral fragrances and romantic sweetness.

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Taster’s Review:

Oh my goodness!  This is so good!

Having already tried Jaipur Avenue’s other chai blends, I knew I was in for a treat with this one, but I really wasn’t prepared for what the saffron would add to the mix.  Of the five mixes that I’ve tasted … this one is definitely my favorite!

Unlike the Ginger Chai Mix or even the Cardamom, which had a spicier profile, this Saffron Chai Mix is more subdued, but in a very enchanting way.  The flavor is smoother and well-rounded, as the saffron brings a gratifying sweetness to the cup that enhances the flavors without amplifying the spicy tones.  It brings out the more exotic and savory side of the spices in this blend, giving the overall cup a very indulgent, satisfying flavor.

Like the other chai mixes from Jaipur Avenue, this is incredibly rich and creamy.  It is indeed sweet, and while I don’t think I could drink more than one of these at a time, I don’t find the one cup to be too overwhelmingly sweet.  Instead, it has a really excellent balance between sweet and spice, with a pleasing earthiness that grounds the cup so that it doesn’t become too confectionery.

I have really enjoyed these chai mixes from Jaipur Avenue.  I like them because not only are they delicious but they are also very easy to make:  just add hot water and stir!  I used my frothing tool which gave it a light froth on top, but if you don’t have a frothing tool, this still tastes wonderful without the froth.  This mix gives you the tasty results of a chai that’s been simmered in milk on the stovetop without all the mess, and that’s a win-win in my book!

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