Hawaiian-Grown Oolong Tea from Samovar

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Oolong

Where to Buy:  Samovar

Tea Description:

Because it was grown and processed in Hawaii, this oolong’s flavor profile is a singular experience. The leaves are young, artfully consistent and vibrantly colored with slightly oxidized edges. They brew into a sophisticated, delicate, pale yellow-green infusion.  The flavor of the brew is elusive and complex. It’s somewhat reminiscent of a Baochong oolong, but less fruity. It has some of the grassiness of a sencha, but it’s not brothy. It’s flinty, crisp, smooth and cooling, with mild, tropical notes of green papaya. Fleeting hints of pine, evergreen, Kahili ginger flowers (which are locally abundant) and honey add to the complexity of this enticing brew.

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Taster’s Review:

Amazing!  I absolutely am loving the Hawaiian-grown teas.  They truly are unique.

I can indeed taste the influence that the tropical climate and surroundings have had on these leaves.  I can absolutely taste the papaya and the woodsy tones, as well as the floral notes.  It has a delectable sweetness that is quite honey-like.

The sip starts with sweetness, honey undertones and a hint of woody spice (cinnamon?) … but just a hint.  Just enough to make my taste buds say “whoa, what was that?”  and then it’s gone just as quickly as it presented itself.  Throughout the sip, there is a floral overtone, with hints of papaya where notes of peach would probably be if this were another Oolong.  Sweet and even a little sour, but nothing that overwhelms the palate.

The mouthfeel is smooth and supple, with a buttery-like quality.  In subsequent infusions, I notice that the mouthfeel becomes lighter, and the silkiness subsides.  The sip ends cleanly, with a hint of lingering sweet, flowery notes.

Truly a worthwhile experience to anyone who enjoys Oolong teas.

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