Hong Shui Oolong from Zi Chun Tea Company

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Oolong

Where to Buy:  Zi Chun Tea Co.

Note:  I was not able to find this tea on the Zi Chun Website, however, I was able to find a “News” post that mentioned that this tea had been harvested in the Summer of 2011 and was available in July 2011.  I assume this means that this tea has since sold out, but I recommend watching for similar news this coming summer!  Trust me when I say this tea is worth it!

Taster’s Review:

Hong Shui is not an Oolong type that is familiar to me, but, now that I’ve tasted it, I’m really glad I had the oportunity to do so!  It’s absolutely delightful!

I tend to prefer greener Oolong teas such as Ali Shan, but, I enjoy expanding my horizons and sampling other types of Oolong, and while this one is quite different from Oolong teas I’ve tried in the past, I really like it.

It starts out slightly smoky, with a strong charcoal-like presence.  Just beneath the overture of charcoal, I notice delicious nutty flavors, reminding me of roasted almonds.  The sweetness of the almond is there too.  After the strong notes begin to subside, a lovely fruit tone emerges, providing not only a sweetness but a slight “juicy” note that washes over the remnants of the charred tones, which acts to refresh and invigorate the palate.  The finish is clean and dry, imparting hints of the deeply roasted flavors that I experienced toward the start.

Truly a lovely tea experience, this is an Oolong I’d highly recommend to all those who love Oolong!

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