Cherry Joy Black Tea from Ovation Teas

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Ovation Teas

Tea Description:

Blend of Assam and Ceylon loose leaf black teas with bing cherries, sliced almonds, and coconut pieces with cherry, almond, and coconut flavoring.

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Taster’s Review:

I’ve had this tea twice now, and interestingly enough, the flavor was a little different each time.  The first time I tried it, the coconut came out strong from the very first sip.  The cherry was there, but, it sort of lingered in the background.  The almond was the most subtle flavor of the three.

One thing that remained consistent with both cups is that the tea was the prominent flavor of both cups.  I was happily surprised by this, because a tea with so many flavors could have easily been overwhelmed by them.  The flavor of the tea is rich and a little malty, with hints of earth and even a sweet biscuit kind of quality to it.

I found the cherry flavor to be a stronger flavor in this second cup.  It is a sweet cherry flavor, reminding me of my summers as a child when my family and I would take a days drive down to Cherry Valley in California.  We’d spend the day picking cherries off the tree, and then bringing them home to enjoy.  Over the course of the next few weeks, our days would be filled with cherry goodness, eating cherries by the bowlful, and having cherry cobbler for dessert.  (By the way, try freezing Bing cherries … they’re so yummy and refreshing, one of my favorite treats as a kid!) I love how this tea tastes so distinctly like Bing Cherry that it brings those memories to life for me.

By the time I’ve consumed about half of this second cup of tea, the almond and coconut begin to assert themselves, although never in a very aggressive way.  The coconut is smooth and creamy note to the cup that might otherwise taste TOO cherry which might end up giving it too much of a cough medicine-y taste.  But the coconut brings it back into the dessert tea realm.

Of the three flavors (and in both cups!), I find the almond to be the most subtle, providing more of a delicious, nutty hint of sweetness to the cup rather than a distinct almond flavor.  But, I love the way the three flavors come together – cherry, coconut and almond – it is creamy, sweet, and juicy, and absolutely YUMMY!

I really love this tea, and I enjoy how it offers a different adventure every time you brew it!

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