Traditional Guayusa from Runa

Tisane Information:

Leaf Type:  Guayusa

Where to Buy:  Runa

Tisane Description:

Known for its stimulating effects, indigenous hunters drink guayusa to sharpen their instincts. They call it the “Night Watchman” because it helps them stay awake and alert all night.

Learn more about this tisane here.

Taster’s Review:

This is the second tea/tisane that I’ve tried from the April Steepster Select box – themed “New Frontiers” – and while I did express my disappointment previously with this box, I have to admit that I am enjoying this Guayusa.  It is nothing spectacular, but, it is enjoyable.

Since I previously reviewed Traditional Guayusa from Runa, and really, the only big difference between this cup of Guayusa and the one that I’ve already reviewed is that the previous cup was prepared with a sachet of Guayusa, while this is loose leaf.  Since it’s been almost a year since I had that cup, though, I can’t really tell you if the cups are significantly different, and in what ways they differ.

What I can say, though, is that this is a tasty cup of Guayusa – rich, flavorful, and it has a very energetic quality to it that I’d expect from Guayusa.  It tastes a bit like a slightly thin cup of coffee, but without the bitterness.  It’s very smooth.

So, instead of going into depth about this tisane again, I thought I’d share with you the information on the New Frontiers theme card.  I always enjoy these writings from the minds at Steepster:

Classical tea drinkers hold fast to the idea that “tea” only includes leaves from the camellia sinensis plant.  Our vision of tea encompasses a wide variety of non-camellia sinensis plants – better known as tisanes – prepared, consumed and enjoyed in the same way as traditional tea.

So we venture forward, tastebuds first, to explore the ever expanding tea world. 

Our quest introduces us to new lands and new species, but unlike previous explorers who feared the precipice at the end of the earth, we know our voyage will bring us full circle, back home and enriched with a deeper love for our favorite drink.

Raise the anchor!  Hoist the sail!  Join us as we set forth to explore these unique teas from non-traditional homes.

When I first opened the box and saw that it included two unflavored tisanes, I was very surprised and as I mentioned, disappointed.  But, I do understand the inspiration behind these choices after reading the theme card.  And while I do understand … it doesn’t keep me from hoping that next month’s theme will allow for more exciting choices!

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