Apple Hazelnut Green Tea from Design A Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Design A Tea

About Design A Tea:

Design a Tea brings choice to the marketplace. The simple concept of offering choices is the number one difference between Design a Tea and other artisan tea blending companies. Who doesn’t like choices in life? The feeling of creating and personalizing a product you order. We want consumers that deal with us to know they are dealing with a caring company. Caring, in that we hand package each order, and we pride ourselves on customer service. It doesn’t stop there.

Design a Tea even cares about the environmental issues around us. We use recycled paper products, labels, even environmentally friendly inks. We make every attempt to purchase from Tea Wholesalers that support Ethical Tea Partnerships (ETP) with the growers. We try and purchase organically grown teas when possible. All our flavorings are 100% from natural, organic and gluten free!!

Taster’s Review:

I’ve tried several of Design A Tea’s signature blends, but, I had not, until now, designed a tea for myself.  And since they make it so easy to do so (it costs just $1.00 for shipping to create 2 of your own samples!) I decided to finally go for it.

This is the first of the two teas I created for myself – a green tea flavored with apple and hazelnut flavors.  My “Pacific Northwest” blend.  And it’s really yummy!

The apple flavor is reminiscent of a green apple, it’s a little tart and has a juicy, sweet apple-y flavor.  The hazelnut is a bit more subtle, although I suspect I should have allowed the flavoring to settle onto the leaves a little longer than I did – I was just so excited to try it out!  With my next sample, I think I’ll wait at least a couple of weeks before I try it, so that the flavors have a chance to absorb.

But as it is, the tea is quite delicious.  The green tea tastes light, and there isn’t a strong grassy taste.  Instead, it just tastes fresh and it marries quite nicely with the green apple flavor.

If you’ve not yet tried designing your own tea with Design A Tea … well, all I have to say to that is:  What are you waiting for?  It’s affordable and fun … and who knows, you might just discover a phenomenal new flavor combination!


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