Lady Grey Tea from Tealicious Tea Company

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Tealicious Tea Company

Tea Description:

Our Lady Grey tea is an afternoon tea classic.  It offers a delightful taste with our French lavender flowers, gently blended with bergamot and blue cornflowers.

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Taster’s Review:

There are several different variations of “Lady Grey” teas, most (including this one) are Earl Grey teas blended with lavender.  Nothing wrong with that, because I LOVE lavender, and I love Earl Grey.

I was a little worried, though, when I first opened the package and saw that there weren’t very many lavender blossoms in the blend.  There were a few, but I could smell the lavender more than I could see it.  I worried that maybe there really wouldn’t be enough lavender in this to satisfy me.

But, after I brewed the tea, the aroma of lavender filled the kitchen!  YES!  It smelled so amazing.

And this tea TASTES amazing too!  It is perfectly blended.  The black tea is robust and flavorful, and provides a solid background of flavor.  It tastes very rich and smooth, and it doesn’t attempt to overpower the bergamot and lavender notes.

I like a lot of bergamot flavor in my Earl Grey, but, I do recognize that too much bergamot can come off as kind of soapy tasting, and I don’t like to drink soap.  And with the addition of lavender, which can also come off as tasting soap-ish, it is important to capture the right balance of flavor between these two ingredients so that both can be tasted without tasting like it had been blended in a soap factory.

And Tealicious Tea Company did just that, and they did it with flourish!  This tastes remarkable!  The bergamot is the strongest note, with the lavender coming in softly, sweetly and offering just the right feminine touch to make this a very memorable Lady Grey tea.

Another big WIN for Tealicious Tea Company!

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