Sowmee White Tea from Culinary Teas

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  White

Where to Buy:  Culinary Teas

Tea Description:

Visually Sowmee is not a typical white tea, since it is sundried after special hand rolling. It’s pleasant toasty character is astringent and full flavored.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

I tasted and reviewed this tea a couple of years ago.  That was my first experience with Sowmee white teas, and since that time, I’ve tried a few others.  I was very interested to revisit this tea and find out how I feel about that first Sowmee that opened my eyes to a different white tea.

My thoughts aren’t all that different now than they were back then – I still find this to be a much more robust white tea than other white teas with which I’m more familiar, like Silver Needle or Bai Mu Dan.  It is sweet and toasty.  In my first review of this tea, I thought it tasted a bit more like a Formosa Oolong, and I do still see those similarities, but today, I am finding this cup to taste a bit more like a Houjicha with its warm, toasty character.

Still a very enjoyable tea experience!  If you typically shy away from white teas because they’re a little too delicate for your taste, I highly recommend trying this Sowmee White Tea from Culinary Teas – it has a stronger taste and fuller body, I think you’ll like it!

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