Pi Lo Chun from Empire Tea Services

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Empire Tea Services

Tea Description:

Small down covered leaves are curled into spiral shapes. Also called “Green Snail Spring”. Two infusions. Great taste.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

This is an AWESOME Pi Lo Chun!

The flavor is sweet and very fresh – like the new green-ness of springtime!  It has a clean, vegetative taste.  Not what I’d categorize as “grassy,” I’d describe this as steamed, mild-tasting vegetables.  There is a cream-like taste to this, but not so much a buttery creaminess, instead, this is like sweet cream.

There is also a hint of flower in the distance.  Imagine, if you would, standing in the middle of a vegetable garden that is in the state of harvest.  The vegetables are fresh and young, and there is a blooming patch of flowers nearby.  Now, imagine what that air might smell like … might taste like.  There you have what I’m experiencing now with this delicious Pi Lo Chun.

This is exquisitely refreshing to sip, sweet with no bitterness to interrupt the sip.  The astringency is quite low, in fact, I found myself having to search for it to recognize it, as it was so subtle that I didn’t notice it outright.  This tea simply wants you to focus on it’s lovely sweet flavors, and does nothing to stand in the way of that.

I highly recommend this Pi Lo Chun to all tea drinkers, if this one isn’t already in your tea cupboard … it should be!

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