Raspberry & Apricot Green Tea Delight from iHeartTeas

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  iHeartTeas

Tea Description:

A light and fruity handcrafted green tea blend with pieces of sweet raspberries and delicate bits of apricot.  Wonderful both hot and cold.

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Taster’s Review:

Recently, iHeartTeas rescued from retirement one of my favorite Chai blends from 52Teas – Gingerbread Chai! – and as this is a blend that I’ve missed since finishing off the last a few months ago, I decided to order some.  With my order, Rachel (proprietor of iHearTeas) sent along some of her tea creations for me to try.  And, I’ll never say no to the opportunity to try a new tea.

Well, allow me to retract that and rephrase it – I will seldom say no to the opportunity to try a new tea, as there are some teas that I really have no interest in trying.  For example, I won’t be trying this tea, at least, not willingly, any time soon.  But this review isn’t about that tea… it’s about Raspberry & Apricot Green Tea Delight from iHeartTeas!

The dry leaf looks and smells very appealing.  Tiny bits of raspberry and apricot, as well as rose petals and marigolds tossed with green spears of tea leaves, offering a deliciously sweet, fruity aroma.  Once brewed, the pale green colored infusion has a much softer fragrance, more vegetal, although I can still smell hints of the fruit in the background.

The flavor took a little while to develop for me.  The first few sips, I tasted the slightly grassy tones of the green tea and little else.  I then allowed it to cool slightly, and I’m not sure if it was the lower temperature or the fact that the flavors just needed a few sips to come to life, but now I REALLY taste the raspberry.  It is sweet and just a little tart – tasting very much like a fresh, ripe berry.  The apricot comes through nicely too, although I find the apricot to be much more distinguished in the aftertaste.  The rose comes through too, but only very subtly, offering a delicate floral note to contrast with the fruit flavors.

Overall, a very tasty cup of tea.  One that is delicious hot, but even better when it is allowed to cool – which means it would make a fabulous glass of iced tea!

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