Moroccan Mint Green Blend from Tiger Spring Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Tiger Spring Tea

Tea Description:

Our blend of real Moroccan ‘Nana’ mint (Mentha spicata) and green tea is delicious either hot or cold! Although this tea is traditionally drunk very sweet, it tastes very pleasant without any sweetening because of the natural sweet aroma of this extraordinary mint. Suitable for anyone who loves spearmint and is looking for a natural drink full of freshness.

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Taster’s Review:

What a delightful Moroccan Mint blend!

Typically, a Moroccan Mint is a gunpowder green tea and dried mint leaves combination.  This particular Moroccan Mint is gunpowder green and spearmint leaves.  It seems like such a simple combination, which is why it really amazes me how some Moroccan Mint blends really stand out above others that I’ve tried.

I mean, you’d think they’d all taste pretty much the same.  But this one – somehow – manages to really stand out!  Maybe it’s the freshness of the ingredients.  Maybe it’s just expertly blended to have just the right ratio of green tea to mint leaves.  I don’t know exactly how Tiger Spring Tea has managed to accomplish this, but, I’m really glad that I have this opportunity to try it and have it impress me so!

I know I’ve mentioned this more than once before, but typically, I prefer peppermint to spearmint, but, I’m finding that I really like the spearmint in this Moroccan Mint.  It tastes crisp and cool, and even has a slight spiciness to it that I find quite intriguing.

The gunpowder green tea is smooth and buttery, providing a very pleasing base for the spearmint to deliver its zingy taste.  The green tea is lightly vegetative, sweet and has a soft, silky mouthfeel that is an interesting contrast to the invigoratingly fresh taste of the mint.

I brewed my first cup of this and served it hot, and found it to be vibrant tasting as well as quite soothing, especially after my spicy meal!  I enjoyed it so much that I decided I wanted a full pitcher of this chilled for the following day’s iced tea sipping, so I brewed a pitcher (and I infused the leaves three times!) and found that the iced tea was also exceptional.  The leaves stood up to the multiple infusions without losing their flavor, and the iced tea was thirst-quenching.

This one is a winner!

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