PecaMint from Design A Tea (Also Known As PeacaMint)

Tea Type: Rooibos

Where To Buy:

Design A Tea

Product Description:

“PeacaMint” Tea – Was our 2008 Holiday Blend. A smooth mix of earthy pecan flavor with that seasonal and traditional peppermint hint, makes for a “manly, yet soft” concoction. Blended in a Rooibos base and being naturally caffeine free, this holiday blend is PERFECT for cuddling up on a sofa and watching the snow fall outside your window. Which is always better than watching it snow inside your house I guess!

Tasters Review:

I’m assuming, although I don’t know for sure, that this one did so well, they now offer it full-time!  What once started as a holiday blend – seems to have people talking year-round!  OR…at least it has ME talking about it year-round!  I LOVE THIS Flavored Rooibos!

This has some hearty peppermint on top of a decent amount of pecan and rooibos which makes for a unique combo of flavors!  If you have tried Pecan Butter and then had something pepperminty afterwards you might get the idea of this flavor, here!  It has ‘just enough…EVERYTHING” for my personal palate!  It’s refreshing – yes!  But it’s also quite fulfilling, too, like you just had a nice dessert!  The peppermint lingers long after the cup is finished.

I think this is just dandy!

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