Fredericksburg Peach from Zhi Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Zhi Tea

Tea Description:

Great hot or cold, this Assam FOP based tea is thirst quenching and satisfying. Rich Single Estate, Fair Trade, organic tea leaves from India along with organic domestic peach pieces (dried in slices then cut by hand by us) and USDA organic peach flavor.

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Taster’s Review:

For my next pitcher of iced tea, I decided I’d try this tea, and while I was making it for the iced tea pitcher, I decided to pour myself a cup of it so that I could try it hot.

This is really quite tasty.  The peach flavor starts out soft but after a couple of sips it begins to really pop.  It is sweet and luscious!  And I love the combination of Assam tea and peach.  I’m used to peach flavored black teas with a Ceylon base, and I really like that Zhi chose an Assam base for this tea – because the malty tones of the Assam seem to pair perfectly with the sweet, juicy taste of the stone fruit.

It’s a delicious cup of hot tea, but it’s amazing iced.  The Assam becomes very smooth, and supports the peach tones in a very pleasing way.  Sweet and fruity, but, what I like is that the tea is bold enough to taste like a TEA and not a fruity soft drink.  Very nice!

3 thoughts on “Fredericksburg Peach from Zhi Tea

  1. I’m not a huge flavored tea person, but something about this company, Zhi Tea, suggests to me that I might actually like some of their flavored blends. I can definitely see peach and Assam going well together, as a lot of Assams have tones in their aroma suggestive of dried fruit. I tend to like flavored teas most when the aromas of the tea and the flavorings and other ingredients blend together seamlessly.

  2. wow! thank you for the fantastic review. as the creator of this blend, i have to honestly say i have a love/not-quite-love relationship with this tea! sometimes i feel like it could have a bit more body, and i should use a assam blend or maybe add some chinese black to give it a bit more roundness. maybe i am lazy and may it is just fine as it is! i do favor it chilled or over ice, for sure.
    and i am grateful that ellen, our chief blender, is happy to cut the peach slices (with scissors) as i found it to be a mind-numbing task (and i have enough of those!).
    also, i have been experimenting with lapsang, peach, and assam (and a secret ingredient) to create a smoked peach tea. so far it is pretty good.
    thanks for the wonderful feedback. it makes my day!

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