Hong Xiang Luo Keemun from Wan Ling Tea House

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Wan Ling Tea House

Tea Description:

Hong Xiang Luo Keemun tea otherwise known as QiMen Red Tea. This 2011 China black tea is a superb example of a quality black tea. Combining great aroma, fine hairy, elegant leaf, which produces a deep, impressively bright and clear liquor. Refreshing, whilst being robust and balancing a complex blend of delicate flavours. A refined tea that offers a true taste of premium black teas.

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Taster’s Review:

When it comes to Keemun, I typically brace myself for a bold, robust cup that will get me energized and ready to go.  This isn’t that Keemun.

This is a gentler, more refined Keemun.  It doesn’t have that “heft” that some Keemun teas possess, but I think that is what I’m really liking about this one.  This one is quite different from most others.

It has an exquisite complexity to it.  Sweet, but not overly so.  Fantastic set of spice tones in the background – this is what I noticed first.  It reminded me almost of a Yunnan, but without the malty tones.  A delicious, rich peppery tone that really took me by surprise.

It is remarkably smooth and well-rounded.  It has light smoked tones in the distance that seem to move closer as I continue to make my way toward the bottom of the cup.

It is a strong tea, but not so much a “bold” one, if that makes sense.   This isn’t the tea I’d reach for first thing in the morning when I need to shake the “sleepy” but it IS the tea I’d reach for when I want a delicious, contemplative cup … something to ponder over and simply relax … and enjoy.   Very nice… and very good.

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