Hand-Plucked Top Grade Oriental Beauty Oolong from Fong Mong Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Oolong

Where to Buy:  Fong Mong Tea on eBay

Tea Description:

Taiwan characteristic Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea, a long narrow strip like of various colors, is also called Bai Hao Oolong Tea. Bright white-tipped leaves, a symbol of high level Oriental Beauty Tea, can only be cultivated irreplaceable strong fragrance in organic ecological tea plantation. This tea, with very limited quantity, can only be produced by a senior experienced tea master at one harvest each year.

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Taster’s Review:

This Oriental Beauty from Fong Mong Tea is truly outstanding.  Sweet, fragrant, and absolutely delicious!

The dry leaves are beautiful and whole, varying in color from silver to tan to chocolate brown.  They smell sweet and floral, with hints of fruit in the background.

The first flavor that I notice is the fruit note.  I usually do notice a peach-like flavor to Oriental Beauty Oolong teas, but here the flavor is so exquisitely pronounced.  So sweet and juicy, my mouth seems to water after each sip in anticipation for the next.   Delicious!

There is also a creaminess to this that melds beautifully with the peach-y flavors, as well as a delectable honey-esque undertone.  Once the palate acclimates to the sweetness of the cup, I start to notice other flavors.  This is a wonderfully complex cuppa, with hints of earth as well as a whisper of flower in the distance.

And of course, this tea offers many wonderful infusions.  I find that each subsequent infusion seems to become more enchanting.  The mouthfeel begins to lighten by the third infusion, and the flavors become smoother and less perspicuous, and yet, as the notes become more unified and less individual the tea becomes even more satisfyingly delicious.

This is one of the very best Oriental Beauty Oolong teas I’ve yet to taste – I highly recommend to all the Oolong enthusiasts out there.

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