Taiwan High Mountain Oolong Tea from Bird Pick Tea & Herb

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Oolong

Where to Buy:  Bird Pick Tea & Herb

Tea Description:

High Mountain Oolong Tea is synonymous with the finest Oolong teas in the world. They are grown at high elevations in Taiwan, which has a unique environment due to its geographical location, mountainous terrain, and subtropical climate. The result is a greater quality tea. Also known as Wu-long Tea, this semi-oxidized tea is commonly brewed strong and is known to help metabolism.

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Taster’s Review:

I’ve not had the opportunity to try a lot of Bird Pick Tea & Herb’s teas, but the ones that I have tried, I’ve been very impressed with and I can say without hesitation have been among some of the very best that I’ve tasted.  This Taiwan High Mountain Oolong is no exception.

This is exquisite!  The flavor is sweet and creamy, but not in a similar way to the creamy, buttery and/or milky notes that I’ve experienced from other green Oolongs.  This is a bit like sweet cream, yes, but, it doesn’t ever feel like it’s going to overwhelm the palate the way so many milk Oolong teas can.  It finishes so softly, so cleanly.  I get that sweet, creamy taste but without feeling like it’s building up on my tongue.

There is a lovely fruit note here as well, as though the sweet cream had been sweetened with fruit.  Plum, perhaps?  But a bit sweeter … like the sweetness of the plum without the tartness.

And of course there are some floral notes – but again, the floral tones are different here.  They aren’t sharp – just smooth and sweet.  Like a flower from a dream:  sweet, soft and gentle.  Nothing distinct or rudimentary, instead, this is like a billowy cloud of flowers floating off in the distance.

Another lovely and unique tea experience from Bird Pick Tea & Herb.  I love this!


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  1. I have yet to try anything by Bird Pick but I have heard very good things about them, and from looking at their website, they look legit. But perhaps I am a bit biased, because I am a “bird person” and I like their name and cute logo.

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