Southern Boy Teas Series, Part 3: Razzleberry from 52Teas

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  52Teas

Tea Description:

Premium Indian CTC black teas blended with organic flavoring. Amazing tea with a great razzleberry (raspberry/blackberry) finish.

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Taster’s Review:

I cold-brewed this tea overnight, and it is so yummy!  I have already finished half of the the 2 quart pitcher (in other words, I’ve already polished off a quart of it), and I can’t seem to stop sipping!

The berry flavors are bright and refreshing, with a good, solid berry flavor.  It starts out with a distinct blackberry flavor that remains throughout the sip, and by about mid-sip, I notice the raspberry notes start to come through.  The raspberry is especially noticeable in the aftertaste.  It is here, in the aftertaste, where all I taste is fresh, juicy raspberry!  Sweet with just a hint of berry tartness.

The black tea seems to have a mellower taste when infused using the cold-brew method, it is very smooth and there is very little astringency and absolutely no bitterness.  It is strong enough to offer an ample base flavor to the glass without overwhelming the delicious berry flavor.

I used to be a hot-brewed iced tea kind of girl, but, lately, I’ve been preferring the cold-brew method, especially when it comes to these great tea bags from 52Teas.  The bags are large enough to accommodate the tea leaves in their expanded (brewed) form and then some.  And it’s so easy to brew them using the cold-brew method – just filter the water, fill the pitcher, and add the tea bag.  No timers.  No standing over the teapot waiting for the tea to finish steeping.  And because these are in the large tea bag, there is nothing to clean up – just remove the tea bag.

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