Campfire Blend Tea from Whispering Pines Tea Company

Tea Type:
Black Tea/Rooibos Blend

Where To Buy:
Whispering Pines Tea Company

Product Description:

This is an amazing wake-up tea — A dark fiery blend that smells and tastes like it was pulled straight out of the rockies, Campfire Blend uses 11 different black teas as the base and mixes that with rooibos, orange peel and spices to create a taste and aroma unlike anything you could ever imagine…except for maybe the whisper of an ancient campfire and the cry of a lone wolf on a cool autumn night.

Tasters Review:

The Product Description states this has 11 different black teas?  My attention was grabbed!  Plus Rooibos?  I was even MORE interested! AND Spices and Orange Peel?  Let’s just say THIS blend had me at “Hello!”

When I asked Brenden which 11 black teas he used he told me he was sworn to secrecy – which I can totally understand and appreciate!  BUT…then he told me (and let me pass it along to our readers) that Campfire Blend uses Glen Arbor Breakfast as the base tea. Glen Arbor Breakfast is made with 2 keemun teas, 7 ceylon teas, one lapsang souchong, and one assam.  YUP!  I’m totally excited about this blend!

It smells smoky and orange-E.  The color of the liquor is that of a rooibos but also a medium-dark brown combined.

It’s smoky but not overly-so…not like a straight-up Lapsang Souchung but still very nice and fitting to the name. The mesh of 11 black teas in the base are interesting…something I have never tasted before!  That I like and appreciate all of the thought that went into it.

I can taste the orange and it’s lovely.  Again, not overpowering but I’m happy it’s present. The spices seem to mesh really well with each other as well as the black tea base.  I can’t pick out one spice over the other(s)…it’s a nice combo – that’s for sure!

It’s earthy and woodsy…true to it’s name, too!  It’s slightly sweet which is a nice surprise.  It has a sweeter-maltiness to it, too!  I REALLY like that!

It also has a very subtle taste of mineral/rock type taste…reminiscent of Wuyi Rock Oolong, perhaps.

I really like this because it is so different.  Also because you can tell a lot of thought and work went into it.  It certainly lives up to it’s name…CAMPFIRE BLEND.

I’ve had some really nice email conversations with Brenden at Whispering Pines and think Brenden is great!  Whispering Pines has some wonderful offerings with creative combos and nifty names but the quality is top-notch as is the customer service!  The email correspondence is great and I can’t wait to write another review for one of their teas!  Stay Tuned!


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