Caramel Matcha from Red Leaf Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green (Matcha)

Where to Buy:  Red Leaf Tea

Tea Description:

For those with an unrepentant and unwavering sweet tooth, there is no better tea than sweet caramel matcha. This fine tea blends the eastern traditions of matcha with the modern caramel flavor to brew a delectable tea that is sweet to take as a mid-morning snack, before lunch aperitif or after dinner relaxing drink. The toned-down caramel matcha is ideal for those who need a sweet tea without adding any extra sugar.

Learn more about this Matcha here.

Taster’s Review:

Have I mentioned lately how much I adore Matcha and how much I LOVE Red Leaf Tea’s huge selection of flavored Matcha.  But even more than that, what I really love is that Red Leaf Tea allows you to completely customize the Matcha!  You can choose how much flavoring you want AND whether you a higher grade of Matcha.

And I have to tell you that this Caramel Matcha is so incredibly, decadently DELICIOUS!  I chose the basic Matcha (while I would generally prefer a higher grade of Matcha for pure Matcha, when it comes to flavored Matcha, I find that the basic grade works well for me) with a distinctive level of flavoring, and I am in caramel heaven!  So sweet and deliciously creamy.  All that’s missing, really, is that chewy texture of a piece of caramel, and the sticky teeth.  And to be very honest, I don’t really miss the sticky teeth…

This would make an excellent dessert substitution that tastes so good, that you’ll forget that you’re drinking something that’s actually quite healthy!

The caramel has a deep, rich flavor – it tastes smooth and creamy and decadent.  As I sit here and savor this (and my chawan is nearly empty … it sure did disappear quickly!) my mind starts to wonder with thoughts of other ways to enjoy this Matcha.  For example, I find myself wondering how this might taste with a pinch of sea salt in the bowl (I do love salted caramels!)  Or maybe it might be delicious added as a flavoring for homemade ice cream (or even just sprinkled over some vanilla ice cream!)

But what I like best about this Matcha … is that even though the caramel flavor is good and strong, I can still taste the Matcha!  Matcha seems like a perfect pairing with the caramel flavor, both are sweet and creamy and rich… they complement each other very well.  The flavor of the Matcha seems to add some depth to the flavor of the caramel by lending a hint of vegetative earthiness to the cup (bowl), making this even more interesting and delicious.

If you love caramel and matcha – this Caramel Matcha from Red Leaf Tea is sure to be a hit!

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