PRODUCT REVIEW: Muscle Pump by Green Tea HP (Sold by Green Tea Pros)

Product Description:

Muscle Pump is another wonderful addition in a line of Green Tea HP products that is a health supplement hat helps with, muscle maintenance, blood flow, & muscle recovery. Healthy blood flow is the key to delivering important nutrients throughout the body. Muscle Pump promotes and Facilitates this objective.

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Taster’s Review:

I always find myself slightly cringing at the thought of trying these teas from Green Tea HP.  And, the fact of the matter is, the cringe is unfounded, because every single one of the products that I’ve tried from Green Tea HP has tasted really good!

These are instant tea powders that come in little “pixies,” and they mix up quick and easy into a glass of water (filtered please!) … OR for the individual on the go, just pour the pixie into a bottle of water and shake it up.  It dissolves instantly, and there’s no undissolved sediment at the bottom of the glass … it all gets evenly incorporated.

This Muscle Pump has a sweet, berry-like taste that tastes a bit more like a berry punch than it does a tea.  And I think that this is where I think I tend to “cringe.”  It’s because it doesn’t really taste a whole lot like tea.  It tastes more like an energy drink or one of those drinks you mix from a powder (think Crystal Light), and part of me worries that it might be sweetened with aspartame – and I’m really REALLY allergic to aspartame.  But, it isn’t sweetened with sugar OR aspartame and it is diabetic friendly.  I’m not a diabetic, but, when it comes to sugar I like to control how much I put into my body and I like that this doesn’t have any sugar in it.  And I really appreciate that there is no aspartame!

And even though it doesn’t taste a whole lot like green tea (I’ve said before that these are more geared toward those who don’t drink a lot of green tea but want to enjoy the health benefits of green tea), I still enjoy the flavor.  It is sweet and pleasant, and I think of all the different Green Tea HP flavors I’ve tried thus far, this one might be my favorite.  And to think I was so afraid to try it!  I’m liking this!

And I now feel like I have enough energy to go and clean the kitchen floor!

2 thoughts on “PRODUCT REVIEW: Muscle Pump by Green Tea HP (Sold by Green Tea Pros)

  1. i love this product but unfortunatelly, all the green tea hp pixies have xylitol and sucralose, which is aspartame

    1. Scuralose is an artificial sweetener, but it is not aspartame. It is actually sweeter than aspartame, but it is not the same product. Sucralose is the same thing as Splenda.

      Xylitol is a sugar alcohol – also not aspartame.

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