Southern Boy Teas Series, Part 6: Cotton Candy from 52Teas

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  52Teas

Tea Description:

Premium Indian CTC black teas blended with organic flavoring. Amazing tea with a great cotton candy / carmelized sugar finish.

Learn more about the Southern Boy Teas series here.

Taster’s Review:

I know I’ve probably said it before (somewhere), but I love cotton candy.  I was really excited when 52Teas released their Cotton Candy Flavored Black Tea earlier this year, and I was very pleased to see that it was a flavor that was recaptured in their Southern Boy Teas series.

This does taste a little different than the original version that I just mentioned, but, it’s still VERY good.  The black tea bases are different, so this leads to a different flavor.  Also, I did cold-brew this super-sized tea bag to make the iced tea so that also contributes to the differences in flavor that I’m noticing.

The cotton candy flavor is very subtle.  It doesn’t hit you upside the head with cotton candy flavor.  But the tea is sweet and very delicious, with a hint of cotton candy weaving its way throughout the sip.  It is at the finish where I notice the strongest cotton candy flavor… and then I start to notice a couple of other flavors, too … something I don’t remember tasting with the original blend.

Chocolate!  Yes, that’s what I said:  Chocolate.  It just sort of took me by surprise when I first tasted it – I noticed the lovely black tea flavor with a lovely hint of candy sweetness, very smooth and delicious, and then as the sip neared the finish, there it was, as plain as day:  chocolate!  Hints of a caramel-y sweetness were there and the knee-buckling flavor of chocolate.

So far, I do think that this might be my favorite of the Southern Boy Teas… possibly dethroning the much loved Rainbow Sherbet!  The flavor here is just amazing – so unexpectedly good.  Refreshing.  Yes, all of that.  Very moreish, and very, very good!

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