Green Tea Sauvignon from Vintage TeaWorks

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Vintage TeaWorks

Tea Description:

Inspired by Sauvignon Blanc, we blended natural
 ingredients to create a green tea blend that is medium bodied, with a 
burst of fresh grapefruit offering a racy hit of crisp acidity.

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Taster’s Review:

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m not a big wine drinker.  I have an occasional glass of wine, but, it is really a very rare occasion, indeed.  Tea is my beverage of choice, so if I were to drink wine, I’d prefer it to be a wine infused tea, like this one from Vintage TeaWorks

And I’m really loving this Green Tea Sauvignon.  The green tea flavor shines through with a hint of buttery vegetation:  very soft, subtle and smooth.  It adds a pleasant sweetness to the sweet, fruity notes of Sauvignon Blanc, and softens the acidity of the wine and grapefruit, without completely muting them. 

I love the way the grapefruit is showcased in this tea.  If I hadn’t brewed the pot of tea myself, if I hadn’t measured out the tea … I would have thought:  WOW!  This is an amazing grapefruit tea – and maybe my search for that amazing grapefruit tea is over with this tea!  The grapefruit is strong without being too overpowering, and it manages to capture the sweeter, juicier characteristics of the grapefruit without the bitterness of it.

As I don’t drink a lot of wine, it probably would have taken me a moment to place the wine in this, because it is a softer, sweeter wine-like flavor.  That is not to say that the wine is not prominent – it IS.  What I am trying to say is that this tea has been so cleverly blended to bring out the very best in each component that it doesn’t taste just of tea, or of grapefruit, or of wine, but, performs as a beautiful composition of all three.  It comes across sweet and smooth – not overly tannic and not tart.  Just absolutely delicious!

4 thoughts on “Green Tea Sauvignon from Vintage TeaWorks

  1. That’s certainly interesting packaging for tea. I can’t tell how big it is, or if it’s meant to look like a cardboard container for wine?
    I had to smile at your wine comment, because that’s exactly how I feel.

  2. Hi Jackie! I think it is meant to look like a cardboard container for wine … and it is, indeed, cardboard. Cardboard that’s been sealed so that it won’t absorb flavor from the tea, nor will it leech its flavor into the tea. It measures almost 8″ long and has a diameter of about 2″. It’s really neat packaging.

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