Palau Peach from Jade Monk

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green (Matcha)

Where to Buy:  Jade Monk

Tea Description:

Legend says an elderly couple, while strolling in the countryside, discovered a small boy inside a peach. Upon opening the fruit, the revealed little man explained he was sent from heaven– they named him Momotaro, or “peach-son,” and he’s been an integral part of Japanese folklore ever since. His most famous exploit involved defeating a giant ogre, with the help of a monkey, a dog, and a pheasant. Jade Monk® matcha and Momotaro offer a slightly more peaceful experience with their Palau Peach flavored matcha green tea, a fragrant, refreshing breeze of fruit. Standing guard behind the sublime flavor are abundant polyphenols and the mind-calming effects of Jade Monk®, the “meditation tea.” Not bad for a boy found inside a peach!

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Taster’s Review:

Hmm… this is much different than I was expecting it to be.  That’s not a bad thing, really, it’s just different!  I was expecting it to be much more like a flavored Matcha, but, this reminds me a bit more of one of those green tea power drinks … only it’s served hot.

I prepared this the same way I would matcha – in my chawan, using hot water and whisking.  The whisking produced no real froth … which was the first indication to me that this was not a typical Matcha.

It smells really good.  The peach essence is abundant, and just the fragrance is making my mouth water.

The flavor is very peachy … no big surprise.  With as strong as the peach aroma is here, if the peach flavor was lacking I’d be really disappointed.  As it is though, the flavor is just as abundant as the the fragrance led me to believe.

The texture is a little bit thinner than I’d expect from other Matcha teas, but that isn’t disrupting my enjoyment of the drink.  It is still smooth and slightly creamy, just not quite as creamy as traditional Matcha.  As with the other green tea power drinks, this does taste more like flavoring than green tea … as if it has been made for those who typically do not enjoy green tea but still want the benefits of it.

But that isn’t really a bad thing.  I LOVE green tea, and I LOVE Matcha, but, that doesn’t make me enjoy this any less.  It is peachy sweet and delicious! I guess if I were going to change anything about this – I’d change that it had stevia in it.  As I’ve said before, I’m not big on stevia, and while some of the funkiness of the stevia is curbed by the cane juice, I can still taste the stevia and I wish I didn’t.  But, really, this is really a minor complaint, because overall, this is really, really tasty, and I’d be happy to drink this again and again!  YUM!

2 thoughts on “Palau Peach from Jade Monk

  1. Great review! Sounds like an intriguing tea! However, since you seem to really enjoy Red Leaf Teas flavoured matcha, I decided to see if they have their own peach flavoured matcha. They do! Just thought I’d let you know if you didn’t already 🙂

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