PRODUCT REVIEW: Steep & Go from The Tea Spot

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Product Description:

Steep & Go is designed for the health conscious person on-the-go. It pairs with disposable water bottles and loose leaf teas to make cold-brewed tea on-the-go. With no heat added, in just 10 minutes you’ll brew fresh iced tea packed with antioxidants and great flavor. And with no added sugar or preservatives, you can feel confident knowing exactly what you’re drinking – fresh tea! Simply add more water for multiple infusions, and make this reusable infuser even more economical and eco-friendly. And when cold brewing, tea doesn’t oversteep or get bitter. Steep & Go will transform the way you stay hydrated!

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What an awesome little invention, this Steep & Go!  It’s a great way to bring a good, healthy drink with you, so that you’ll avoid those temptations of sweet, not-so-healthy beverages when you’re on the go.

I’ve got a confession to make.  The first time I used this product, I did it wrong.  I did not read the instructions.  I just used it the way I thought it was supposed to work… and FAIL!

You see, this device has a nifty little tube that extends into the water bottle, and it has very tiny holes in it, and I thought that this was the infuser, when actually it is the strainer.  So I put the tea leaves into the little tube, and let it infuse for about an hour, and then started drinking.  It tasted wonderful … except that I was getting tea leaves in every sip.  And, I don’t want to drink tea leaves.  Unless I’m drinking Matcha … and that’s something different entirely, now isn’t it?

But, the tube that extends into the water bottle IS NOT an infuser, it is a strainer.  You put the tea leaves directly into the water bottle, screw on the Steep & Go … and well, go.  Let the tea leaves steep for 10 minutes (I do recommend allowing them to steep a little longer for more flavor:  flavor was there, but only barely at 5 minutes, more flavor at 10 minutes, but wonderfully delicious after about 15 minutes) and you have your favorite iced tea so that you won’t be tempted by sugary drinks.

I was lucky enough to have a Dasani 16.9 oz. bottle here at home, and so I haven’t tried anything else.  However, I do know that TeaEqualsBliss – my SororiTea Sister! – has tried other bottles and they did not work as well, so I do recommend getting your hands on a Dasani bottle, and then just keep re-using it!  It’s a great way to reuse the bottle – saving you money and saving the planet at the same time – and offers you a delicious, flavorful alternative to bottled water, and a healthy alternative to soda or other sugar-laden drinks.

The Tea Spot has a nice variety of teas that would work nicely with the Steep & Go.  Right now, I’m using it with the Bolder Blues tea (which I’ll be reviewing a little later on!)  and it is delicious!  Of course, you can use it with any your favorite loose leaf teas that you’d normally enjoy as cold-brewed tea.

When used properly – yeah, don’t add the leaves to the tube like I did! – this is a very economical and EASY way to enjoy fresh and delicious iced tea any time, any where!  And now through August 19, 2012, you can save 15% on this cool little device!  Just enter the coupon code gosistergo in the coupon field at checkout to take advantage of this discount. 

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