Lime Blossom from Jade Monk

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Jade Monk

Tea Description:

Some Japanese believe a fox can live for 100 years or more, acquiring additional tails the longer he roams the countryside. The faithful also say foxes can assume the shape of humans, playing tricks on friends and family. These mythic spirits-the Kitsune-possess supernatural powers, but luckily for you the Jade Monk® matcha Kitsune are only interested in seducing your taste buds with the unexpected tang of lime and aroma of spring flowers, fortifying your body with enhanced matcha polyphenol potency, and calming your mind with clarifying effects of our shade-cultivated Jade Monk® matcha green tea. Phew!

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Taster’s Review:

When it came time for me to sample this packet of Jade Monk, I was very thirsty and feeling a little too warm.  Outside it’s 95°F and while that may not seem very hot to some of you … it’s hot for me.  And it’s humid.  Maybe not as humid as it is in Minnesota (my husband is from Minnesota, and when I complain about the humidity he says “It’s not humid!”) but for this girl who grew up in Northern Nevada where there was next to no rainfall and even when it was raining the humidity was still zero… It’s uncomfortably humid to me.  I wanted something to quench my thirst and hopefully re-energize me a little, while cooling me off.

So, I decided to get a little adventurous.  I put a small amount of freshly drawn and filtered water in the pitcher of my blender, along with several ice cubes and the contents of this packet, and I blended it until I could no longer hear the rattling of the ice particles inside the pitcher.  Then I poured it into a glass to enjoy some ice cold, lime flavored Matcha.

And I am enjoying it!  It is really good like this.  It ended up being a bit like a slush … the ice part did, anyway.  There is still a good amount of green colored liquid to this too, kind of like when you get a slush and it starts to melt a bit … the liquid that forms at the bottom … that’s what I have in front of me.

Of the three Jade Monk offerings that I’ve tried thus far, this one is my favorite.  I don’t know if it’s because I prepared it in the blender, or if it’s just that I like this flavor better.  But this is cool and refreshing.  The lime tastes tart and sweet … but not too extreme on either end.  It isn’t too tart or too sweet.  It’s a bit like a limeade, but with a hint of Matcha in it.

The Matcha is not real distinct, just as it has not been in the other Jade Monk flavors, and I’ve come to expect that.  This is definitely a drink mix that has been designed with a broader customer base in mind, appealing to those who might find green tea to be a little too vegetative or not quite to their liking.  This one is also sweetened with stevia, like the other two were, but I’m finding that the colder the beverage, the less funky the stevia tastes.  In fact, with the first few sips … I didn’t really notice the stevia at all.  I notice it now that I’m nearly finished with the glass, but, it does not interfere with my enjoyment of this cool, refreshing homemade slush … in fact, I think I’d take this over a slush from the convenience store, any time!

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