Silk Dragon from The Tea Merchant

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Oolong

Where to Buy:  The Tea Merchant

Tea Description:

A unique blend that is exotic, balanced and complex it will engage you from the second you open the bag with its intoxicating creamy vanilla aroma to your first sip. Creates a smooth, rich flavor with hints of cream, vanilla and a stimulating citrus finish.

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Taster’s Review:

Wow!  This is so good.

As you know, I do enjoy quite a few different flavored teas, but when it comes to Oolong, I find that the ones that I favor tend to be pure, unadulterated Oolong teas.  Sure, I enjoy the flavored ones too, but, if given a choice between pure Oolong and flavored, I’ll choose the pure every time.

However, I am finding this flavored Oolong to be extraordinary … one of the best flavored Oolong teas I’ve encountered in a while.  The vanilla flavor is in perfect step with the natural creaminess of the Oolong for a very luxurious, creamy experience.  It’s so silky and creamy and delicious.

The lemon myrtle gives just the right touch of citrus.  It is not a strong tangy note – nothing that interrupts the sweet, creamy goodness of the vanilla – but it offers just a hint of citrus-y taste toward the finish so that the vanilla cream does not overwhelm the palate.

And with all this talk of the amazing vanilla taste and hints of citrus, you may have thought that the flavor of the Oolong is lost somewhere.  It isn’t.  It adds a hint of earthiness and a touch of flower (orchid?  Yes, there are distinct orchid notes), and just a hint of peach-like undertones.

If you like vanilla – you really should try this Silk Dragon from The Tea Merchant.  It takes vanilla to a whole other level.  I don’t think I’ve experienced vanilla in a tea quite like this before.  It’s really amazing.

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