Pear Matcha from Red Leaf Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green (Matcha)

Where to Buy:  Red Leaf Tea

Tea Description:

Pear matcha is a sweet-tasting drink that provides excellent reason to keep people together. This is because, the delightful taste of pear matcha keeps people wanting more because, the exquisite blend of ripened pear and matcha combine to make a tea that excites the palate with it invigorating flavor. Pear matcha is the drink for all seasons and reasons.

Learn more about this pear flavored Matcha here.

Taster’s Review:

Another flavored Matcha from Red Leaf Tea?  Why yes!  I really have to say that I can’t seem to get enough of the amazing selection of flavors of Matcha at Red Leaf Tea.  And I love that the Free Matcha program allows me to explore so many flavors at so little cost!  If you haven’t yet taken advantage of this program, you really should!  It is a great way to try some new and exciting Matcha flavors that are customized to your personal taste level – for this Matcha, I chose the starter or basic grade of Matcha and the distinctive level of pear flavoring.

And there are even some new features to the Matcha set-up at Red Leaf Tea.  You can choose not only from green tea for your flavored Matcha, but also white tea, black tea, or rooibos!  So, if you love Matcha but find that the caffeine is a bit too much for you, try the rooibos Matcha.  Or if you want a little less of a vegetative taste to your Matcha, go with the white Matcha!  And for those of you who prefer your Matcha pure and unfettered – Red Leaf Tea also offers pure Matcha in various grades for every level of Matcha connoisseur.   The options seem nearly limitless!  I love that!

So, let’s get on with the latest flavor in my chawan!  Well, actually, it’s not a chawan now, it’s a small bowl.  Unfortunately, I recently cracked my chawan and need to get another one.  The small bowl that I’m using is almost shaped like a chawan though, but it is a thinner material, and I miss the weighty feel of my Matcha bowl.  Anyway… enough of my story of sorrow, let’s talk about the good stuff:  Pear Matcha!

I can’t get over how much this smells like pear.  Ripe, delicious pear!  I didn’t even have to hold the package up to my nose to smell it, from the moment I opened the package, a strong aroma of pear emanated from it.  I don’t think I’ve experienced anything like this from a pear flavored tea before.  I’ve had several pear flavored teas, but this one is the first with such a strong scent of pear that its unmistakeably pear.

So, I’m thrilled with the fragrance alone.  I love pear, but, as I’ve lamented over a few times before, it seems that pear is a difficult flavor to capture in tea.  I’ve managed to find a few pear teas that do an exceptional job at nailing the pear flavor, and I’m just hoping this tastes as pear-fully delicious as it smells, so that I can add this Pear Matcha to that small number of teas that have a well-flavored pear tea.

Oh wow!  This is PEAR.  It tastes very true to the fruit.  Sweet, succulent pear.  I can almost feel the pulpy texture of the pear as I sip this Matcha because the pear flavor tastes so authentic.

What I’m also loving about this Matcha is that it frothed up so beautifully!  It seems that with flavored Matcha, sometimes the flavor ends up replacing the lovely frothy cap of the Matcha, and I like that I have a nice, creamy-looking bowl of Matcha in front of me that seems to be disappearing very quickly!  Matcha is one of those teas that just disappear way too quickly!  Matcha is just so good.

But even as I reach the end of this bowl of Matcha, I notice that the powder has stayed well suspended into the hot water.  It hasn’t really separated a whole lot.  There is some separation, but, not so much that I need to get the whisk out again.  I just swish the bowl around carefully, and the Matcha powder reintegrates into the tea.

The liquor is smooth and sweet with vegetative notes that marry beautifully with the distinct flavor of pear.  The texture is creamy and smooth.  No chalkiness.  The pear tastes so delicious, just like biting into a fresh, ripe pear… like I said before, I can almost feel the texture of the pear pulp as the liquid washes over my palate.  So amazingly good.

Of the many flavored Matcha teas that I’ve tried thus far from Red Leaf Tea, I think this one is one of my top three favorites … I might even go so far as to say it is my favorite!  And it is definitely my favorite pear tea … and that is saying something, because I had created a pear tea that I was rather fond of in my tea flavoring/blending days.  I think I like this even better than that often missed tea.  Yes … this Matcha is THAT good!  It’s awesome!

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