Rooibos Noir from Vintage TeaWorks

Tisane Information:

Leaf Type:  Rooibos

Where to Buy:  Vintage Teaworks

Tisane Description:

Inspired by Pinot Noir, we
 blended natural ingredients to create a rooibos herbal tea blend that is 
light, fruity and fun, with hints of mango, blueberry, raspberry and

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Taster’s Review:

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not very knowledgeable when it comes to wine.  I wouldn’t be able to tell you the difference between a Pinot Noir and a Chardonnay … or any other kind of wine for that matter.  But I do like to think I know a thing or two about teas and tisanes!  So with this wine-inspired line of teas from Vintage TeaWorks, I get to taste something that I’m familiar with, and still explore something that’s outside my realm of expertise.  I like that … it challenges me a little bit!

The dry leaf smells like wine.  It has a strong, fermented grape kind of aroma.  And I can see big pieces of fruit and flower petals tossed in with the needle-thin leaves of the red rooibos, creating a very stunning visual presentation.

The brewed tisane still has a bit of the wine-like scent, but, it is significantly softer as a brewed tisane.  It still smells pleasantly grape-like:  sweet and fruity.

And this translates to the flavor.  It is deliciously sweet and fruity, with well-defined notes of wine grapes, with notes of berry and a hint of mango.  I love the sweetness that the mango adds without detracting from the overall concept.  It still tastes like a wine-inspired tisane, even though when I think of wine, I don’t think of mango.  This makes me think that the minds at Vintage TeaWorks must be geniuses!  The way they find just the right flavors to meld together to create such a unique tisane that is delicious served hot or iced.

I personally find this more refreshing as an iced tea – but, it has a very soothing, relaxing quality as a hot tisane.  Something that is fun to curl up with and watch TV later in the evening.

Surprisingly, I don’t taste much hibsicus from this at all.  I even steeped this for a full 10 minutes, and I don’t taste or feel the syrupy quality of the hibiscus, nor do I taste the pungent tartness of it.  I do taste hints of tartness, sure, and these can be attributed to the hibiscus… but they accentuate the flavors of the berry, grape, and mango so well that it becomes not a disruptive flavor but instead something that works toward offering the best flavor possible.

Also surprisingly, I don’t taste much from the rooibos here.  I do taste hints of nut and wood from the rooibos, but, it isn’t that funky, sour woody taste.  And there isn’t that weird sweet aftertaste from the rooibos.

This tisane makes me very happy, indeed!  I’m so impressed with what I’ve tasted from Vintage TeaWorks so far!  I highly recommend their teas and tisanes!

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