Mango Iced Green Tea from Den’s Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Den’s Tea

Tea Description:

Mango is a flavorful tropical fruit. The only improvement we could think of is to combine it with our rich Sencha. Fresh Sencha flavor and sweet Mango will bring a tropical summer treat to your tea time.

Learn more about this cold-brewed tea here.

Taster’s Review:


Of the different cold-brewed iced teas offered from Den’s Tea, this one might just be my new favorite!

What I’m liking so much about it is that just like the others that I’ve tried, the green tea is the strongest flavor… and here, the green tea tastes a bit more vegetative than the others that I’ve tried, and I’m really liking the rich flavor of the Japanese Sencha.  Sweet, slightly grassy, and a buttery background note.  Delicious!

The mango flavor is not a super strong flavor, but it is by no means what I’d call delicate, either.  I’d say it’s pretty evenly matched, with the vegetative taste of the Sencha and hint of Matcha edging out the mango just a bit.  The mango tastes lusciously sweet, like a very ripe mango (no under-ripe fruit flavors here!)

I love these cold-brewed iced teas from Den’s.  They are so refreshing, and I love how they go so well with a meal, but also taste so good that I want to drink them on their own too.  I also like that they don’t need to be sweetened!   These cold-brewed tea bags are simple, convenient, and produce a really flavorful iced tea.  That’s a win-win… or should I say win-win-win?

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