Citrus Paradisi Earl Grey from Simpson & Vail

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Simpson & Vail

Tea Description:

Citrus Paradisi is a citrus lovers delight. We’ve combined our best selling Earl Grey black tea with natural grapefruit oil to create a taste sensation. The tea brews to a dark amber cup with a hearty, full bodied taste. The aroma and taste of this blend is captivating and refreshing.

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Taster’s Review:

I am THRILLED to be able to try this variation on the classic Earl Grey.  I’ve made it no secret that I’m a huge Earl Grey fan, and I just love it when a tea company comes up with such an intriguing twist on the traditional Earl Grey.

This blend starts with a black tea based Earl Grey and then adds grapefruit oil to offer an additional layer of flavor to the cup.  The result is really quite delightful.  I taste the bergamot … but it does not attempt to overpower the grapefruit, which really brightens the cup.  It is bright and juicy, and I’m loving it!

There is a compelling balance between the citrus flavors here.  The bergamot is there, but, because of the presence of the other citrus notes it doesn’t become overwhelming or aggressive.  It tastes tangy and just a wee bit floral without coming off as soapy.  The grapefruit gives a touch of acidity to the cup without making it too tart, instead, what it does is just brighten the whole cup – making it tastes more vibrant and lively.

And the black tea does its part in this too, providing a solid layer of black tea flavor in the background:  earthy, rich and full-flavored.  It is fairly mellow as far as black teas go – however, I think a bolder tea would have been too much.  The grapefruit is the real star of this cup, and I like the way the flavors all come together.

This is a deliciously different take on the classic favorite, Earl Grey.  I’d recommend it to the Earl Grey fans who might be looking for something just a little bit different, and also to those who don’t normally care for bergamot.  The grapefruit alters the flavor of the bergamot just enough so that it doesn’t taste quite like any bergamot I’ve tasted before!

This tea gets two enthusiastic thumbs up from me!

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