Goomtee Silver Green 2nd Flush from Darjeeling Tea Lovers

Tea Information: 

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Darjeeling Tea Lovers

Tea Description:

GOOMTEE SILVER GREEN is a visual delight for GREEN TEA LOVERS. This tea comes with a lot of SILVER NEEDLES to add glory to this wonderful and rare tea. Each sip is an instant trip to blissful nirvana.

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Taster’s Review:

Oh… this is nice!

I am absolutely loving this Goomtee Silver Green!  It’s not at all what I expected when I first opened the package.  As I usually do when I first open a package of tea, I inhaled deeply to take in the fragrance.  It had a very vegetative and earthy fragrance, reminding me of the forest floor here in the Pacific Northwest – earthy, mossy, and woody.

Once it’s brewed it takes on a stronger vegetative tone, reminding me a bit of the smell that I’d experience while walking through the “green” section of the produce area in a natural foods market.  Very green.  Very fresh.

The taste is not quite as vegetative as I would have expected given the strong vegetative and earthy tones I experienced from smelling the dry leaf.  Sure, it’s still vegetative, but, it is more like mild vegetables, like something between a steamed artichoke and steamed spinach, with a lovely buttery undertone.  It’s remarkably smooth and free of that bitter grassy tone that green teas can sometimes possess.  It has a slight astringency to it … but again, not nearly as much as I would expect from a Darjeeling green.

But it still has much of what I would expect from a Darjeeling green, too.  It has that crisp, vibrant taste that is almost bubbly.  Hints of fruit notes, although with this green variety the fruit notes are not as strongly pronounced as they might be with an oxidized Darjeeling.  Hints of spice as well, but again, a mellower spice note than what I might experience from an oxidized Darjeeling.

A spectacular tea, I just love the sweetness of this cup, as well as the deliciously satisfying broth-y taste.  It is very comforting, a nice cuppa to enjoy with the cooler weather of autumn.

2 thoughts on “Goomtee Silver Green 2nd Flush from Darjeeling Tea Lovers

  1. Thanks to you I could almost taste this Goomtee Silver Green and I’d admire how you deliver it on your article! Where can you get these? Is these available in a local store?

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