Boysenberry Matcha from Red Leaf Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green (Matcha)

Where to Buy:  Red Leaf Tea

Tea Description:

Boysenberry is an interesting fruit that greatly resembles a big sized raspberry, loganberry and blackberry. Its sharp and tart taste is mellowed by Matcha’s velvety flavour to make a Boysenberry Matcha treat that blends perfectly into the palate. This richly fruity treat is perfect for those people who want to expand their fruit filled snacks with different fresh new flavours. Boysenberry Matcha can also become a perfect hot weather treat to both cool and excite the palate with its enlivening sharp taste. It forms an interesting addition in the occasions of young children with its interesting reputation for being the surprise fruit-based treat.

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Taster’s Review:

When I realized that Red Leaf Tea had a boysenberry flavored Matcha, I had to get some!  I love boysenberries.  I attribute this to my childhood … specifically, to all the time I spent at the Knott’s Berry Farm Theme Park in Buena Park, California.  I love that place!  As a kid, I liked it better there than at Disneyland, and the boysenberries had something to do with that!

Of course, there were a few other factors that made this the place to be when I was a kid.  Back then you could feed the ducks at the pond across the street … and then there was the amazing fried chicken from Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant!   Well, Mrs. Knott’s not only knew how to fry a chicken, but she sure could make a mean Boysenberry Preserves too (and a great syrup that was used to top the funnel cakes that you could buy just across the way from the Log Ride!)

Boysenberries have a special place in my heart because of Knott’s Berry Farm, and thanks to Red Leaf Tea, I’m able to relive some of the joy that boysenberries brought me in my youth with this Boysenberry Matcha!  It is so good!  It tastes authentic and just like a tangy, sweet-tart boysenberry, together with the deliciously fresh, lush taste of Matcha!

My “default” selections when it comes to the flavored Matcha from Red Leaf Tea is “starter/basic grade” matcha and distinctive flavoring.  This is what I chose for this Boysenberry Matcha as well.  I like to be able to taste both the Matcha and the flavoring, and the distinctive level of flavoring seems to really work for my palate.  I can taste the tingly berry taste of the Boysenberry, and it tastes so true to the fruit that it tastes as though I might have plucked a few boysenberries off of the vine, immediately pureed it, and stirred the puree in to my chawan!  It is sweet and juicy and pleasantly tart.

The flavor of the Matcha is nicely showcased here too.  It tastes sweet with vegetative notes, and it has a lovely creamy taste that accentuates the flavor of the berry very nicely.  This tastes great served in the traditional style – with hot water whisked into the pre-sifted Matcha until incorporated – but I think it would also make a stunning latte or an excellent addition to a smoothie, so you can bet that I’ll be trying a Boysenberry Matcha smoothie and a Boysenberry Matcha latte very soon!

I love this Boysenberry Matcha – and I think that it would have made Mrs. Knott very proud!

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