Bavarian Cream Matcha from Red Leaf Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green (Matcha)

Where to Buy:  Red Leaf Tea

Tea Description:

From the castles of 18th century French royalty, comes the delightfully delicious Bavarian cream. This vanilla flavored treat also makes an excellent accompaniment to many other desert favorites like fruits, nuts or even coffee. It is also wonderful with chocolate and many other coatings and fillings for cakes. Its warm and creamy taste refreshes the taste of any great tasting treat making it an easy choice for all family members. The very young energetic ones would love its well known and loved vanilla essence in the mouth while the senior citizens would adore the way it melts in the mouth. It is the palate’s dream come true.

Learn more about this Bavarian Cream Matcha here.

Taster’s Review:

Red Leaf Tea has two vanilla flavored Matcha:  French Vanilla Matcha and Madagascar Vanilla Matcha.  And while looking for a vanilla-y tasting Matcha to include in my line up of Matcha flavors, I found myself debating about which of these to try first.  Then, I noticed this Bavarian Cream Matcha!  And while it probably isn’t as strongly VANILLA as either of the previously two mentioned flavors, this may be just what I was looking for on the blending front.

You see, these flavored Matcha from Red Leaf Tea aren’t just great tasting on their own, but, they also open up a whole world of flavor blending possibilities.  Sure, Red Leaf Tea does offer a service where they’ll create a custom blend for you, I think it’s fun to experiment on my own, and trying different flavor combinations.  For example, recently, I tried blending some of the Watermelon Matcha with the Strawberry Matcha with great success.  I blended it at a 2:1 ratio (2 parts watermelon to 1 part strawberry) and this brought out the best of both flavors.  The sweet, juicy flavor of the watermelon was perked up, brightened with the delicious tangy note of the strawberry, while the sweetness of the strawberry was not overshadowed.  This was a serious bowl of Matcha deliciousness!

But, let’s get back to the flavor at hand:  this Bavarian Cream Matcha.  Just imagine the possibilities of flavor blending with the creamy, custard-y flavor of Bavarian Cream!  I’m already envisioning how it will taste with the Strawberry Matcha, or the Boysenberry… or my yet to be tried Hazelnut Matcha!

On it’s own, this tastes amazing.  It is sweet, creamy and custard-like.  The fact that it is paired with Matcha adds to the rich and creamy taste and texture of it.  It tastes like a dessert!  And I found myself thinking, as I marveled over how good it tastes … how on earth could this be healthy?  But it IS!  Matcha is one of the healthiest teas out there because it’s pure leaf.  You aren’t extracting the properties of the leaf via infusion, you’re getting the whole, pure leaf in every sip.  You’re consuming the whole leaf and all of its beneficial properties!

For this package of Bavarian Cream Matcha, I went with my go-to “default” settings, which is Basic/Starter Matcha – this classic Matcha is delicious and rich, and while there are higher quality Matcha available from Red Leaf Tea, I find that this Matcha works well with the flavors, offering a pleasing balance between delicious Matcha and flavor.  I also selected the “Distinctive Flavoring” as I usually do, because I think that this setting allows me to taste a strong, distinctive flavoring without overpowering the flavor of the Matcha.  I get a good balance of both with this choice.

I don’t know that this is necessarily my favorite Matcha flavor from Red Leaf, mostly because I’ve tasted quite a few by now and it seems like I’ve enjoyed every one of them – some more than others – and it’s become too difficult to determine a winner from them all.  My favorite thing about this is that with Red Leaf Tea’s Matcha incentive program I have the ability to try them all without going bankrupt!

2 thoughts on “Bavarian Cream Matcha from Red Leaf Tea

  1. This tea sounds insanely good! ‘Cause who wouldn’t love to have all the taste of a bavarian cream-filled doughnut without any of the calories? Just curious, I see a lot of people talk about blending teas and when they do they talk about it in terms of “parts.” What exactly constitutes a “part?”

    1. Hi! Thanks for reading, and for commenting.

      When someone uses the term “part” when blending a tea … or really any other thing, it refers to a measurement, whatever it might be. If you’re using a teaspoon, for example, if you were to blend 1 part of ingredient A to 2 parts of ingredient B, you’d use 1 teaspoon of ingredient A to 2 teaspoons of ingredient B. You might also see the ratio written like this: 1:2

      So, in the example in this review, for the Watermelon Strawberry Matcha blend, I used 2 scoops (chashaku) of the Watermelon Matcha to 1 scoop of the Strawberry.

      I hope this helps!

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