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Gooey Butter Cake from 52 Teas

Gooey Butter Cake from 52 Teas

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  52Teas

Tea Description:

Thanks to Azzrian for the idea for this blend. I actually think my wife is a little upset she didn’t think of it first. She makes an awesome gooey butter cake.

My wife is fond of telling people that she has no idea how I manage to make such amazing teas since my cooking skills are more or less limited to ramen noodles and microwave popcorn. Likewise, I have no idea what sort of magic she employs in creating a gooey butter cake. Yes, I could look at one of several recipes for gooey butter cake, but I prefer to believe it is magic, because a gooey butter cake (for those of you who have never had one), is one of those beautiful things that shouldn’t be discussed in such muggle terms as a recipe. It’s way better to have someone make one for you and assume they possess magical gifts.

So, this evening, I am here with a big tumbler full of iced gooey butter cake tea, and it is definitely, buttery, sweet, cakey, and just all around gooey-butter-cakey. It kind of reminds me of the Pancake Breakfast, it has the same depth of character, but of course it’s not pancakes, it’s gooey butter cake. Honestly, if I hadn’t just spent so long looking at images of gooey butter cake and writing about gooey butter cake, this might very well satisfy my craving for gooey butter cake, but the truth is, I’m seriously hoping my wife reads this and decides to make me a gooey butter cake. [I love you baby.]

Our Tea of the Week for the week of September 17, 2012

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Taster’s Review:

So I am very proud to say that I inspired this tea and Frank was gracious enough to whip some up! I was so thrilled when I heard this was being offered I literally ordered it on the spot! After anticipating its arrival I have finally been able to sit and enjoy this tea over several cups, several ways, and It is really quite wonderful.

It does have lemon myrtle in it which lends a lemon zest like flavor to the tea. So its more of a lemon gooey butter cake than a regular gooey butter cake, but that is absolutely fine with me I enjoy the lemon zest flavor.

I LOVE gooey butter cake and snarf up as much of it as I can when we visit St. Louis where they have gooey butter cake places scattered around randomly. Of course you can get gooey butter cake in any flavor the mind can imagine and I try as many as I can so I am somewhat of a gooey butter cake aficionado, haha.

This tea is quite buttery, with a toasty flavor that almost leans to a creme brulee taste. I will say that this tea is much nicer if you add a little sweetener, my choice is german rock sugar. It makes the flavors of the tea pop. Before adding sweetener I took my first couple of sips and it was good but I was not getting that cakey or gooey flavor – added a little rock sugar – amazing! Of course you can use whatever sweetener you wish.

I don’t mind having to add a little sugar now and then to some teas – especially when they are dessert teas like this one. Now if I had to add sugar to a straight tea that would be wrong in my tea world, but this is meant to be decedent so its fine with me.

Also this tea is so lovely iced! I prefer my tea hot, my husband prefers it cold. Either way its wonderful. I did feel that when it was cold it did not require the same level of sugar that it did hot, which is interesting, I do not have cold tea often enough to know if this is standard or not and hubby only enjoys cold tea with me every now and then so he has no opinions. I tell ya though, I really kind of want to grab some more of this before it is gone. I am trying really hard to hold myself back but a blend this good, in a flavor this rare, well you just never know when you may see one like it again and even then if the flavors will even come close to Gooey Butter Cake!

I guess while I don’t mind the lemon zest flavor at all, its quite lovely, I would like to try a blend that was straight gooey butter cake, but that just comes down to my love for gooey butter cake all together, I mean if I had my way Frank would make an entire line of gooey butter cake teas in every flavor I could toss at him.

Hey we can dream can’t we?!?

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