Strawberry Lemonade from iHeartTeas

Tisane Information:

Leaf Type:  Rooibos & Herbal/Fruit Tisane

Where to Buy:  iHeartTeas

Tisane Description:

 A perfect summer treat without all the sugar.  A slightly sweet and tart blend.  Wonderful hot or cold.   Add a touch of raw sugar or honey for the perfectly balanced cup.

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Taster’s Review:

I received this as a free sample with my recent order from iHeartTeas.  I just love it when companies give free samples with orders – it’s like a little gift and a really nice way to make me as a consumer feel special.  And Rachel from iHeartTeas is really so very nice, it’s like receiving a gift from a friend, which makes it extra special.

My usual steeping parameters for rooibos blends is to steep for 10 minutes, but because this blend also contained hibiscus, I cut that time in half … and I’m glad I did.  At five minutes steeping time, the liquor developed a very deep red color from the hibiscus, but none of the syrupy texture of it.

It also picked up quite a bit of the hibiscus tartness, though, and I did find this tisane to be quite tart.  But I guess it should be, right?  It’s Strawberry LEMONADE, after all.  Lemonade is supposed to be tart.

But even though it is tart, the sweetness of the strawberry comes through quite nicely.  I even taste a bit of the berry tartness which may be from the strawberry but may also be the hibiscus as it often takes on a berry-like quality when it’s infused.

The apple in this blend is only slightly distinguishable, but really, what it adds is primarily a sense of sweetness, along with the strawberry.  The rooibos are not discernible.  The strawberry is delicious, the lemon is quite tart, a little bit puckery tart.  I would rather there was no hibiscus, but it does give the tisane the aforementioned pretty, ruby red color.

Overall, a pleasant blend.  Not my favorite tisane, but certainly not something I’d turn down if offered.  I enjoyed it, and it made for a very relaxing cuppa later in the evening.

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