Talk To Me from Hari Tea (Shoti Maa)

Tisane Information:

Leaf Type:  Herbal Tisane

Where to Buy:  Hari Tea

Tisane Description:

It’s no secret that the mental stress of modern life affects us.  How can we avoid this unwanted guest?  Sometimes we can’t.  But maybe with a little comfort, we can maintain calmness.  Here is a big comfort – Shoti Maa Tea.  Each of the varieties is formulated to comfort your senses in different ways.  Traditional and not-so-traditional herbs and spices are blended to give you an experience of meditative well-being.  And perhaps the biggest comfort of all:  Shoti Maa teas are simply delicious.  One sample of the heady aroma and taste tells the story.

Note:  This tea is part of the Shoti Maa line of tisanes from Hari Tea.

Taster’s Review:

Well, after reading such a lovely description, I would have liked to have been as equally as eloquent and complimentary about this tisane as they are about the product.  Unfortunately, I can’t.

That is not to say that this is a bad tisane, it’s not bad at all, but, it just doesn’t taste or smell – in the opinion of this taster – as good as the description sounds to me.

The aroma is herbal in a medicinal kind of way, which was a little disappointing as I had hoped for a stronger lavender scent.  As it is, I can barely discern the lavender, smelling mostly the licorice.  Now, I like licorice, as anyone who has read very many of my reviews can attest.  It’s certainly a favorite flavor of mine.  However, for some reason, it just isn’t working for me in this blend.

The taste is a strong licorice flavor, and something about the way that it unites with the cardamom and lavender just isn’t really knocking my socks off.  It’s not a bad flavor, but, it is strongly spiced/herbaceous, again, in a medicinal sort of way.  I find myself wishing that the flavor had a stronger mint note or even a stronger lavender note.  Perhaps even a stronger cardamom flavor might work.  But, as it is, the strong licorice really overwhelms just about everything else, and the supporting herbs and spices seem to accent the licorice in all the wrong places.

On the up side, I do find that sipping this is incredibly soothing to my throat – suggesting to me that this would be a good tisane to have on hand if one is feeling under the weather and wanted something to help relieve an itchy, achy sore throat.  And I find it does help calm and relax me.

And it isn’t a terrible tisane, I just find myself wishing it could be so much more than it is.  I find myself wanting more from it, and as it is, it just seems to fall short of the mark.   I would love to hear other people’s thoughts on this herbal, so if you’ve tried it, please do comment and tell me what you thought!

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