Jolly Jellybean from David’s Tea

Tisane Information:

Leaf Type:  Rooibos

Where to Buy:  David’s Tea

Tisane Description:

One sip of this sweet, rich rooibos blend and you’ll know spring is here. It could be the sunny taste of pineapple, or the exotic creaminess of coconut. It could be the pretty calendula and cornflower petals. Then again, it might just be the jellybeans. You heard us right, jellybeans – that’s what gives this tea its irresistibly sweet and fruity kick. So why do jellybeans remind us of spring? Because they make us happy. Why else?

Learn more about this rooibos blend here.

Taster’s Review:

I think I should start off by explaining that the sampling I received of this tisane had no Jelly Bellys in it (I’m told that this is the type of jelly bean that David’s Tea uses in this blend), and since I recently acquired a large jar of Jelly Bellys, I added a couple of Jelly Bellys to the sample before the large jar of Jelly Bellys became an large, empty jar.

At that point, I felt it was important to brew this tisane as soon as possible, as this sampling (prior to brewing) contained the last three Jelly Bellys in the house, and I feared for their safety.

YUM!  This is really tasty.  Not surprisingly, it is sweet.  The Jelly Bellys melted and added some sweetness to the cup, as did the red and green rooibos – but thankfully, I don’t taste that funky red rooibos sweetness in this!  The pineapple, strawberry and coconut also contributed some sweetness to the cup as well.

This is very fruity – like a handful of Jelly Bellys that have been liquified and served hot.  I taste hints of the strawberry, but the most pronounced fruit flavors are that of the coconut and the pineapple.  I don’t taste a lot of flavor from the rooibos.  I do taste a slight woody/nutty note from the rooibos, but, it is subtle, and doesn’t interrupt the sweet, fruity goodness that I’m enjoying.

This tisane toes the line of tasting very candy-like, and I can see how it might not be for everyone … those who don’t like sweet drinks might not really enjoy this.  But if you have a sweet tooth and find great joy in jelly beans as I do, you should definitely try this!  It’s yummy!

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