Apricot Matcha from Red Leaf Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green (Matcha)

Where to Buy:  Red Leaf Tea

Tea Description:

The sweet taste of apricots reminds someone of peaches and combined with the balancing effect of oriental Matcha, makes for true palate entertainment. Apricot Matcha is a sweet treat that can be taken anytime day or night when someone just wants to savor the wonders of their surroundings while enjoying a sumptuous treat. It is also the perfect treat for the special occasions of kids whose guardians want to expand the assortment of refreshment alternatives with great additions. Apricot Matcha can be taken with or without food because it’s fulfilling taste leaves its takers wanting more.

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Taster’s Review:

I didn’t really want to write this review.  Why?  Because, well, I just don’t like this flavored Matcha.  I have tried quite a few flavored Matcha by now, and this is the first one from Red Leaf Tea that I’ve tried and did not like.  I have loved the others that I’ve tried up until now, and I really love this company, and I hated to say anything bad about them.

But ultimately, I did decide to write this review, because not only is honesty important to me as a tea reviewer, but honesty is equally as important to Red Leaf Tea too – they actually ASKED me to write a review on it, even though I did not like it!

And really, you’ve got to respect that.  I think it’s very cool of Red Leaf Tea to actually WANT me to write this review, even though I didn’t really care for the product, and makes me respect them more as a tea purveyor.  This is a company that I highly recommend to everyone.

Unfortunately, I wouldn’t recommend this flavor of Matcha to anyone.  It just doesn’t taste very good.  And it’s not even that I dislike apricots – I love them!  And I had such high hopes for this Matcha, unfortunately, it just didn’t prove to be as delicious as some of the other Matcha that I’ve tried (and LOVED) from Red Leaf Tea.

The flavor is overwhelmingly chemical, tasting a bit like perfume-y soap.  Now, I didn’t like getting my mouth washed out with soap as a child, and I don’t like drinking soap now.  And unfortunately, this soapy taste is so strong that it dominates the entire bowl.  I can’t really taste anything beyond the strong perfume-y soap.

I even tried it a second time, hoping that maybe my taste buds were just having an off day or something.  But three days later and I get the same result.  This time, I tried mixing it:  1 part of this Apricot Matcha with 1 part of the Royal Matcha (which is pure/unflavored).  This softened the soapy taste only somewhat, I am able to explore the flavors beyond the soapiness but, the chemical flavors are still very strong – overwhelmingly so.  I can taste hints of apricot and Matcha this time around, but, not enough to be able to phase out the strong perfumed soap taste.

It makes me very sad that I disliked this Matcha so much, but this bad experience, while it did leave a bad taste in my mouth, it is one that will easily disappear after I’ve had a bowl of one of the other delicious Matcha that I’ve tried from Red Leaf Tea.  And the fact that they are willing to have me say I dislike a tea – and in fact, encourage it, I think is very honorable.

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